Alluring Uniforms of Yesterday’s Flight Attendants

Traveling around the world makes you experience a lot of things, but something that probably never crossed your mind would have been the uniforms of past flight attendants. How did they look like back in the day? Are they better than the ones worn by today’s cabin crew? If you are looking for the answer, continue reading. However, one thing is for sure. That is we’ve come a long way since flight attendants were required to lose weight or dress provocatively. Is this change a good thing or a bad thing?

Uniforms of Flight Attendants From The Past

Flight Attendants Uniforms

Flight Attendants Uniforms From The Past | (c) Photo By Navy Marine

Uniforms of cabin crew have changed a lot over the time. They have gone through several transformations. When it first began, flight attendants’ uniforms were focused on nurses’ uniform. This was to promote health and safety specialists on flights. After sometime however, came the strict military that promoted the conservative values of flight attendants. Later, the uniforms were replaced by a softer and feminine touch highlighting the glamor and excitement of flying. In all transformations, the one thing that has remained the same is safety. As passengers we know we can count on flight attendants to keep us safe and happy on our travels around the world.

That being said, what comes to your mind when we talk about airlines and ‘little added leg room’? The first thing that probably comes to your mind would be the seats on the airlines. Not enough leg room for longer flights in Economy class for sure. Well, that is not what we are talking about here. It’s about the uniforms of cabin crew from the past. Below picture will show you what I mean. Imagine what American Airlines flight crew would say if they were asked to wear that today. Of course we already know the passengers’ answer, don’t we?

Flight Attendants’ Uniform of Southwest Airlines | (c) Photo By Navy Marine

Unfortunately or otherwise, we don’t see cabin crew uniforms like these anymore in today’s airlines. They are much more conservative. But I wonder, would flight attendants be much more friendlier, if they wore uniforms from the past? If nothing else, it would sure become a catwalk inside the flight. What are your thoughts on past and present day uniforms of flight attendants?

10 Responses to “Alluring Uniforms of Yesterday’s Flight Attendants”

  1. inka says:

    For me, flying is forever associated with excitment, adventure and glamour. And I like the flight attendants to look the picture. Some are so drab and downright frumpy, I’m not at all surprised they have forgotten how to smile.

  2. Eric Auxier says:

    Cute! I remember Hughes AirWest flight attendants (actually still called, “Stewardesses” back in the Day!) wearing knee-high bright yellow go go boots, lol!

    • Shamis says:

      I can only imagine how it was like back in the day. You probably have seen many stages of flight attendant uniform transformation, being a Pilot :)

  3. Eric Auxier says:

    Haha great “nostalgic” post! Tho I’ll join y’all in saying I was too young…well, to remember the wild outfits, anyway!

  4. Hi Shamis and thanks for dropping into my chocolate travel blog. I’m happy to visit yours.

    I’m too young to remember flight attendants with those short skirts (I didn’t take my 1st flight until the late 70’s) but I’ve seen pics and wonder how they ever did their jobs without being fondled and feeling uncomfortable. My how the world has changed!

    Sexual harassment in those days was common place but girls just put up with it!

    Happy and safe travels.

    • Shamis says:

      Hi Doreen, thank you for visiting my blog too :) I first traveled in the late 80’s but I was like 6 years old so don’t really remember how the flight attendants looked like. Times sure seem to have changed. Probably for the better.

  5. I would say that the flight attendants need to concentrate more on providing a good service and experience first, and the uniforms should be sleek but yet comfortable. I’d hate to be seeing someone else’s underwear for 9 hours of a flight.

    • Shamis says:

      Good service is in fact the first thing all passengers expect from flight attendants in my opinion. Thanks for your comments!