Amazing Houses Around The World

As kids, we often picture ourselves living in amazing houses that are perfect with a picket fence and a nice garden. Some dream of living in a castle and others dream of living on the moon. The imagination is endless when we are small, and living in such amazing houses would absolutely rock. But most of us end up living in normal apartments, condos or a house with flowers and a pet dog in the yard. For others, the childhood dream becomes a reality. Here are some fascinating and amazing houses around the world.

Amazing Houses Around The World

The Shoe House

Amazing Houses Around The World: The Shoe House

The Shoe House | (c) Photo By Diskychick

Have you heard the famous children’s rhyme “there was an old lady who lived in a shoe…”? Seems it is true after all. This amazing architecture house has five different levels and contains three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and the living room. In the backyard, there’s a smaller giant shoe, which acts as a doghouse. This house has brought inspiration around the world that other people are building their own style of the shoe house.

The Pyramid House

Amazing Houses Around The World: The Pyramid House

The Pyramid House | (c) Photo By funeworld

If you’re like me, you’ve been fascinated with Egypt and the pharaohs to the Sphinx the mystery of Great Pyramids. Then look no further than one of the amazing house designs – the pyramid-shape house. Perhaps these people wanted to live like ancient Egyptians to built this large pyramid surrounded by giant statues. Either way, it’s a beautiful architectural building.

Tree House

Amazing Houses Around The World: Tree House

Tree House | (c) Photo By The Design Blog

Owning a tree house in the backyard is every kids’ dream so they can play with their friends. Those small tree houses we used to have become larger than life for some…dreams have become reality. Tree houses are not just for kids anymore. They are becoming a luxury and a power symbol among the adults. The price tag for these amazing tree houses can cost you anything from $7,000 to $1 million or above.

Bomb Shelter House

Amazing Houses Around The World: Inside Of A Bomb Shelter House

Inside Of A Bomb Shelter House | (c) Photo By home-designing

Let’s say, if you are a super villain and need a place to hide or you need to withstand any attack, where would you live? Well its easy. You get yourself a bomb shelter of course! Amazingly, the US government actually sells these to anyone who will pretty much have enough dough (I am talking about a couple of millions). So if you decide to go ahead and live in such an amazing house, you can do so and feel safe from being hit.

I can’t picture myself in any of these houses although they are fascinating but seems like some people actually make their childhood dreams come true with these unbelievable but beautiful homes. I’m sure there are other fascinating and unusual houses like these around the world. So if you know or seen any other amazing houses, do share.

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