Bandarawela Hotel, Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

If you want to see endless views of beautiful mountains and acres of Ceylon tea plants, take a trip down to Bandarawela Hotel in the hill country of Bandarawela, Sri Lanka. You are bound to feel the cool mist against your skin. This is exactly how I felt when I was there. It was very rejuvenating and relaxing to say the least. The area is famous for tea, pears and strawberries. I was at Bandarawela Hotel two times while on Holiday and I have no complain at all. The service was great and the staff speaks good English, Sinhalese, Tamil and Arabic.

Hotel Review: Bandarawela Hotel, Sri Lanka

Bandarawela Hotel Sri Lanka

Bandarawela Hotel, Sri Lanka | (c) Photo By Travelpod

Bandarawela Hotel was built by the influence of the British who ruled Sri Lanka before the independence in 1948. The hotel is located 1,230 meters above sea level and the was the first mountain resort hotel. You can enjoy views of the tea plantation fields right from your room.

The evenings are cool, sometimes about 18 degrees Celsius. A hot cup of Ceylon tea and a piece of delicious cake in the garden is what you can enjoy this time of the day. Dinning experience for me was good. The food offered was traditional and fits your taste buds. If you like more of a traditional breakfast and dinners, you can order those as well. One thing I was not very fond of was the bed. It was not the comfiest bed but you still can fall asleep for sure. When the temperature drops all you want to do is pull a blanket over and be warm.

Having a warm shower in the morning was just heavenly while at the Bandarawela Hotel. I think it was the fancy shower head that made even taking a shower so much better. I realized that its the little things that make your stay at a hotel so much pleasant when you go away to relax.

The price for a room at the Bandarawela Hotel is very reasonable as well. While the rates change depending on the time of the year, you can expect to pay somewhere around $54 for a single room. Price will further change depending on your basis of stay. Though I stayed there twice already, I would go back again if I pass that area. I would recommend Bandarawela Hotel to anyone visiting Bandarawela.

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