Best Ways To Save Money In Tokyo

Travelers are always searching for the best ways to save money when traveling. Well now you are one step closer to saving money when you travel – especially if your travels take you to Tokyo, Japan. By now you must have packed bags, booked your tickets and hotels, and wondering about expenses in Tokyo. Tokyo offers a seemingly unlimited choice of entertainment, shopping and dining to travels. So the biggest pending task as far as budget is concerned, is knowing the best ways to save money while enjoying what Tokyo has to offer.

Best Ways To Save Money in Tokyo

Best Ways To Save Money

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I must admit, it took me sometime to figure out the best ways to save money on my travels. Because there is never a moment where you would see ‘yours truly’ without a Starbucks coffee in her hand. So no matter where I am in the world, I would spend the money for it. You probably have more expensive travel habits, which you wish knew how to control. Good news is, after traveling to different parts of the world, you become more aware of the best ways to save money. This goes to Tokyo as well. So here are my smart tips on best ways to save money when visiting Tokyo.

Learn How to Cook Japanese Food

Don’t be surprised if you are in Tokyo and paying 2,000 Yen for a plate of nachos. International food are on the pricy side in Tokyo. So is meat. So the best way to save some money is to learn how to cook few dishes. There are some Japanese food that is quite simple to cook. It only requires few ingredients, which you can easily purchase from a local super market. A quick stir fry with spinach onions, mushrooms, cabbage and carrots is a simple dish. So grab some fresh vegetables along with a Japanese curry mix packet and you are on your way to having a delicious Japanese style meal while saving some money.

Watch TV Shows / Movies Online

We usually watch TV, go to a movie or rent a movie when we want to spend some laid back time. While in Tokyo as well, you might think about renting English TV shows or a English movie – Stop! It is quite expensive to rent out. Then again, what can you do if you don’t understand Japanese TV shows and movies? The best way around this is to watch it online. is a legal and free website where you get a selection of shows and movies to watch online. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to save money while in Tokyo.

Eat From A Machine Restaurant

I’m a big fan of dining at fancy restaurants and satisfying my culinary desires from around the world. However, fancy restaurants mean expensive dining out. If you know anything about Tokyo, you know it’s all about innovations. So if you need a quick bite while walking on the streets of Tokyo, try out their machine restaurants. As you probably guessed, it’s a vending machine. However, make sure you know how to read Japanese before ordering a dish from the machine, because there won’t be a waitress. Machine restaurant food is fresh, and you can get a rice meal with meat for about 350 Yen. All the machine restaurant meals come with a Miso Soup as well. Just like a cup of tea, your meal will be ready in minutes. That makes machine restaurants one of the best ways to save money in Tokyo.

Shop At Thrift Stores

There is no doubt that Asia is known for clothes. We see many tourists visit Tokyo to buy clothes to take back home. Unless you are looking for a specific brand of clothing, I would suggest shopping at thrift stores and kiosks. They got great selections for unbelievable prices – even for 100 Yen. Visit Harajuka, the shopping and fashion region of Tokyo to save money as you shop.

Switch To Tea

No denying here. I love drinking my coffee, and maybe too much. If you are like me, you will soon find out that drinking coffee in Tokyo will drain your pocket. If you want to buy even ground coffee, it will cost about 700 Yen. There is an alternative though. A healthier one at it too. That is switching to tea while in Tokyo. Tea is a lot cheaper compared to coffee. You can get a pack of 25 tea bags for only 300 Yen. So you see why switching to tea while in Tokyo is one of the best ways to save money on your trip. For those who just can’t keep their hands off a cup of coffee, you’re still in luck. McDonalds sell a cup of coffee for 120 Yen. One last note to the caffeine addicts: black tea has the most caffeine!

These are few tips on best ways to save money that helped me in my journeys. What are your best ways to save money while traveling to Tokyo?

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