Booking Tickets Online Or Offline?

When we plan a holiday, we usually go online and search the Internet for the best booking tickets deals around. But what is the best way to get the best deal when booking tickets? Some prefer booking tickets online, which is quick and easy because you can simply pay with a credit card at the comfort of your home. Others however prefer more of a personal touch when it comes to booking tickets. Online booking has become the norm, but you will be surprised to know that many travelers like to book offline.

Booking Tickets Online Or Offline

Booking Tickets Online or Offline

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There are variety of reasons why travelers prefer booking tickets offline. According to the PhoCusWright’s Consumer Travel Report Second Edition, the top reason U.S. travelers give for booking offline is that they were seeking personal service. On the other hand, security concerns and technology issues are significant deterrent of online bookings. However, with the improvement of technology, these are no longer major factors. Just 7% of offline bookers say they don’t want to submit credit card information online. Roughly the same percentage don’t feel the information they see online is accurate. Only 9% of those who book online cite technical issues or frustration with the Internet as the reason.

Advantages of Booking Online

On the other had, there are other travelers who like booking tickets online for many reasons as well. It only takes a few minutes to choose what destination, traveling dates, seat and a few other detail and you got yourself a booked ticket. You can simply print it at home with the technology that is available to us as well. Online booking is quick and easy for people with disabilities too. They won’t have to leave home and spend time with a travel agent for a hour choosing and there wont be a risk of double booking.

Added advantage when it comes to booking online is you can compare flight prices and details with ease. Overall its about the real time process you get when booking tickets online. No hassle at all!

Tip – If you’re worried about making transactions over the Internet, have a hacker-free holiday by ensuring payments are more secure. Each time you purchase online, look for the URL that begins with https:// (for secure server), instead of just http.

Disadvantages of Booking Online

  • Need internet and PC experience
  • Might need a credit card or some other form of payment
  • Viruses/trojans online that steal your information
  • If the website is down, you won’t be able to book it online

Whichever you choose, online or offline booking tickets, remember that we all are looking for the best deal at the end.

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