British Airways Launches Private Jet Service

Are you ready for the next big thing by British Airways? Do you want travel in style and have the cash to do so, well here is something that you might be interested in. British Airways is launching a private jet service within North America and the Caribbean (includes southern Canada and Mexico).

British Airways  has teamed up with Citation Air, to offer its passengers a cut-price means of flying by private jet. The service pitches itself as a “no-frills” private set service – passengers can book online and “pay and go” with a credit card. This saves the hassle for upfront fees and long-term commitment that is usually associated with private charters. Having such jet service is not a bad idea after all it seems eh?

Costs for a seat on the British Airways Jet ranges from $6,000 to $10,000 per plane per hour depending on the type of aircraft (jet) you decide on.

Inside British Airways

Inside British Airways | (c) Photo By TATL Hop

So if you are looking to upgrade your travels and your seat. British Airways is giving you the chance to do just that. So for the travelers who waited for such an opportunity. Now your travel dreams are becoming reality. No more waiting in long ques to get your boarding pass or your luggage getting lost in the way. Less hassle for you to enjoy your holiday in style.

The service is now available to anyone who has flown with the carrier in the past 12 months, members of the British Airways executive club program, as well as employees of the airline’s corporate clients.

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  1. Mike M says:

    This is a company that does it right! BA has some amazing planes in their fleet so expect the competitors to be shakin in their boots.!
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