Camping – An Adventurous Travel Activity For Guys

When I think about traveling, what usually comes to my mind is getting on an air plane and heading out to a sunny destination. Of course there is more to traveling than taking a flight. For instance, camping. However, not many of us like to leave all the comforts we enjoy and stay inside a tent on a camp site. More interestingly, it is a prospective guy thing to do. So guys, are you ready to go camping?

Camping For Guys

Camping in the great outdoors

Camping in the great outdoors | (c) Photo By Outside for Life

Tell me, how many of you like to sleep under the stars, stand over a camp fire roasting marshmallows and cook, clean, wash all in the wild? It could be fun to be brave enough to sleep in your tent under heavy rain, catch some fish in the river or even scare a bear off if you dare. Camping entails living the life of a primitive man. There will be no pizza delivery, no hot water, no alarm clocks, no electric fences but you and the wild!

People go camping for various reasons – mountain climbing, hiking, explore the wildlife or just for the adventure. Some people even prefer to camp out at the beach. Yes, camping doesn’t necessarily have to be in the wild but almost anywhere you like except on someone else’s garden. Personally, I think this is an ideal way for guys to get away from the busy life and ladies, and have some male bonding time. I am not at all saying that girls can’t go camping, but if it is in the great wild, many ladies probably wouldn’t appreciate the challenges that comes with camping.

Imagine on a camping trip in the woods, you go deeper in the jungle with buddies to find some food and firewood. Then you accidentally cut down a bee hive by trying to rush before the rain falls. The only way to escape the bee sting is to run to the river and hold your breath inside the water few times. Once you get rid of the bees, you have to find your way back to the camp site in the heavy rain. It may sound horrific and miserable, and you may even wonder why you should go on such a trip. But wouldn’t it feel nice to tell the story of the day you send a bear packing instead of how you played golf? Most of all, it will be a different experience from daily routine and you might even learn something new to keep your senses stimulated. After all, we go on trips to break the daily cycle and rejuvenate ourselves.

Think about it, camping would be an ideal activity for you and your buddies to hang out, work as a team and refresh yourself. Probably not many of you will go camping but after reading this, I might have convinced you why it might be fun. So guys next time you want some adventure, get your buddies and camping gear together and head out on a camping trip, and don’t forget to share your adventures on comments below.

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  1. vaivhav says:

    Nothing that beats the feeling of being lost in the wilderness, with no one around for miles and miles except the the company of pristine nature. I love to camp and also blog about my experiences on going off the beten track. There is either nothing to do in absolute wilderness or the possibility of doing things that you have never done before. Happy hiking.
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  2. Travel Sites says:

    Your Travel Activity For Guys article is very interesting and very inspirational. Thanks for this nice article.

  3. Shamis says:

    You’re welcome! Glad you found it inspiration, and thanks for the comment!
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