Canada And India Shakes It Up With Smirnoff And More

Most of the time, it is a good thing when two countries coming together in any way or form. Let’s look and Canada and India. Canada and India are  two different countries – Canada is cold, India is hot; Canada is efficient and orderly, India is chaotic and spontaneous. What is interesting is that these two cultures are mixing it up.

Canada & India Joint Travel Events

Canada & India Smirnoff Exchange Project

Canada & India Smirnoff Exchange Project | (c) Photo By blogs

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project

Smirnoff – the vodka people sponsored 14 parties in 14 cities around the globe on November 27,2010. The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project shows the world how other cultures party – favorite music, food, dance moves, fashion, bands and DJ’s. So Canada’s popular city Toronto exchanged with Bangalore, India.

Art Gallery of Ontario – Meeting the Maharaja

Another recent event was at the Art Gallery of Ontario where the gala opening of the Maharaja, exhibiting the splendor of India’s Royal Courts happened. It was a grand event with details such as rose petal steps, warm lighting at the entrance, colorful table cloths and sweet lime sodas.

Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce

This  is an elegant dress-up, annual gala dinner and dance organized by the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The main attraction is the dancing – Bollywood of course! Canadians tend to be reserved about this kind of things, but I can guarantee that almost the entire room rushed up to the floor to dance. A night for the young and old, strangers and friends!

Many people don’t really know what  different countries have to offer with their culture. To explore your horizons, get acquainted with people, places, philosophies and mythologies that are not known to you. I think the most respectful attitude you can have towards a culture is to know what it really like rather than what you think it is. You will be surprised to find out what a beautiful world we live in.

As time goes by we will be culture jamming and cultural mashing-ups, and will continue to evolve as the world move towards a true global village. Indians drinking Johnnie Walker, Canadians doing yoga!

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