Year of Tiger Is Ending But Not The Crisis Facing Tigers

2010 is the year of tiger according to the Chinese astrology. Though the year of tiger is almost over, the crisis facing the tigers is not.  Believe it or not, hundred years ago there had been 100,000 tigers in the wild. Now it is estimated that there are only about 3,200 tigers left in the wild around the whole world – which has put tigers in the danger zone of extinction.

Endangered Species – Tigers

Bengal Tiger Mother And Cub

Bengal Tiger Mother And Cub | (c) Photo By Roblind

India has about 60% or 1,411 of the world’s tiger population. Tiger is also the national animal of India. There are lot of campaigns in India by means of billboards and advertisements on TV to protect this magnificent endangered tigers.

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has joined WWF as a spokesman, and made headlines when he donated $1 million at the World Tiger Summit in Russia. Leonardo DiCaprio will be in India in the upcoming months for the WWF Save Tigers Now campaign.

What you can do to help?

All of us can help prevent the extinction of tigers by:

  • Spreading awareness by joining the End Tiger Trade Facebook page
  • Adopting a tiger
  • Donating to WWF Save Tigers Now campaign to double the tigers by 2022
  • Not buying products that are made out of tigers (or any other animal for that matter)
  • Visiting tiger reserves so the authorities can use the money you spend towards saving tigers

Help this worthwhile cause by sharing this with your friends and family while there is still a chance to save one of the most admired animals in the world, before they become a symbol of a by-gone era.

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