Dining And Nightlife of Cancun Explored

Cancun – The Glittering City – rests at the top of the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and is home to a cool 500,000 people, meaning it’s a glistening hubbub of activity. In the United States, it has a bit of a reputation as the favorite destination of Spring Breakers from all over, but you don’t have to be a college freshman to enjoy a holiday in Quintana Roo’s best loved city.

Dining Options & Nightlife of Cancun, Mexico

Dining & Nightlife Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico Nightlife | (cc) Photo By Feliks

Cancun – thought to mean either “the nest of snakes” or “the place of the gold snake” – has everything you could want during the day: sun, sand and sea! But when it comes to the evening; well, that’s when the city really comes to life. Here are some of our finest tips, so make sure you make the most of the night time!

Eating Out

Restaurants in Cancun feature some of the best cuisine from all over the globe, and while you’re there you will find a big mix of Italian, American, Japanese and French restaurants, as well as the traditional Mexican stuff, of course!

We’d recommend that, while you’re here, you make the best of the opportunity to pig out on real, authentic Mexican meals, as they’re not what you’re used to having back home. And yes, there are some fabulous Mex restaurants in Cancun, but if you want to get at the food that local Mexicans actually eat, your best bet would be to sample the street food stalls.

Mole Sauce is one of the better known traditional seasonings, and it is estimated that more than 99% of Mexicans have eaten the sauce! If you want to try the best one, we’d recommend turkey in mole poblano – this sauce is made from chillies and chocolate, creating a unique fusion of taste.

However, if you suddenly get the urge for a bit of Teppanyaki, head on over to Silk Asian Bistro for the best in Japanese food, prepared right in front of your nose.

Partying Hard

Cancun City is party central, with hundreds of exciting nightclubs and bars. The best thing to do – if you like dancing the night away, that is – to head to one of the superclubs: they stay open until six in the morning!

Most of the best clubs reside in the Hotel District, so you won’t have to travel too far to find a good night out. The famous Coco Bongo is just down the road, so here’s your itinerary: get off the plane, though you may want to book a flight to Cancun first, dump your bags in the hotel room, and grab a bite to eat, then party on down!

Pop down to the Hard Rock Café for both food and drinks in a great atmosphere, but if you prefer a more relaxing night out, head for the Rose Bar – there’s one in Cancun City, and it offers awesome music as well as an incredible drinks menu.

Want a bit of Latin American spice? Then look for a salsa club! There are plenty dotted around the city, so if you have your dancing shoes packed, go and salsa the night away!

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  1. Arianwen says:

    My friend told me about a night club she went to in Cancun that sounds like the best place in the world! I’d love to check out the scene over there!
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  2. I went to Cancun with my family back in high school, such a great time! So many of the resorts are all inclusive, making it totally probable not to leave the resort the entire trip. If I go back, I’ll definitely want to check out more of the authentic food scene you mentioned!
    Jess @UsedYorkCity recently posted..UYC’s Walks: Central Park SouthMy Profile

  3. It has been a long while since I visited Cancun. Sounds like there are more interesting new places around. Another Cancun trip may be in order. Will definitely make notes of your suggestions.

  4. I’ve always heard great things about Cancun’s nightlife. We’ve been nearby a few times but one of these days will go and see what the buzz is about and make a day trip to Chichen Itza too.
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