Enjoy A Meal Cooked With Solar Power In Chile

We hardly hear about restaurants that use solar power to cook the meals they serve us. It is not only Eco-friendly, it saves energy too. This small, family-run restaurant in Chile has gone from regular firewood oven, pots and pans in cooking meals to using solar energy. The restaurant is called The Carvajal’s Restaurant in Valle del Elqui, Chile. Carvajal’s Restaurant uses 10 solar energy powered ovens to cook delicious meals for their customers.

The Carvajal’s Restaurant, Chile

The Carvajal's Restaurant in Valle del Elqu

The Carvajal's Restaurant in Valle del Elqu | (c) Photo By niceartlife

The ovens has been introduced as part of a program by the Chilean University and the government to make it easy for families who struggle with finding firewood to cook, and keep themselves warm. For a country that sun shines for 300 days a year, this sure is an innovative and eco-friendly idea.

How this works is, the ovens are oriented towards the sun for an hour before using it. This gives enough time to warm up and cook a delicious meal. According to the restaurant’s owners it takes four hours to cook a piece of goat meat.

Unfortunately the The Carvajal’s Restaurant does not have a website to look at the venue, but if you are in the area and want to try some solar power cooked food, the restaurant is located in north of Santiago, in the Villaseca region, 5 kilometers from Vicuña.

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