Fourth Richest Man’s £630M House In Mumbai

Now what would I do, if I had £630 million? I can think of million things but what does Mukesh Ambani, someone with that kind of money does? Simple. Buy a house in Mumbai, India for him and his family. That is however not the ‘oh my gosh’ factor. House of Ambani being 27 storeys high and costs exactly £630 million is. Mukesh Ambani, a 53 year old tycoon in India is the fourth richest man in the world. He is the Chairman, Managing Director and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries, a Fortune 500 Company. Mukesh Ambani, his wife and their three children have moved into this house in Mumbai, which is named Antilia. It is named after a mythical island.

Mukesh Ambani’s House In Mumbai

House of Ambani in Mumbai | Photo By: Frederic Soltan

House of Ambani in Mumbai | Photo By: Frederic Soltan

Some Features of House of Mukesh Ambani

  • Health Club
  • Gym
  • Dance Studio
  • Ballroom
  • Range of Lounges
  • 50 Seater Cinema
  • Elevated Garden – not sure what that is, but he has one!
  • Three Helicopter Pads on roof
  • Underground Parking for 160 Cars

You also get spectacular views of Mumbai and of the Arabian Sea. This 27 storey house in Mumbai is occupied by five members of Mr. Ambani’s family and 600 staff who is there for maintenance! And you thought being a billionaire is easy.

What would you do, if you have this kind of money?

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