Famous Frankfurt Attractions, Germany

Frankfurt is the main industrial, commercial and financial city in Germany. It’s a lively and diversified metropolis in the heart of Europe. Exploring Frankfurt may take a while for some although I was able to visit many places in a week’s time. So don’t worry if your time is limited. This list of Frankfurt attractions and activities will give you a good sense of the city. I’d suggest you explore the city on foot. That way you will be able to enjoy many tourist attractions in Frankfurt that you might otherwise not even notice. Here are some of the things to do in Frankfurt, which I enjoyed. You may find it interesting as well, if your visit is short.

Frankfurt Attractions To Cover In A Hurry

Day Tour Along The Rhine River

Frankfurt Attractions: Ride Along The Rhine River

Along The Rhine River in Frankfurt | (c) Photo By Salika Jayasinghe

Day tour of the Rhine River is an hour long bus ride to the beautiful Rhine River. It’s very convenient, especially if you are a tourist, as you can request them to pick you up from your hotel in Frankfurt. It cost between 69 to 75 Euros. On this tour bus ride, you get to see the beautiful country side of Frankfurt. Once you reach Rhine river, you will be taken on a boat ride along the river. Main attraction on this ride is the incredible castles along the Rhine river and vineyards. If you want to buy a castle, you can do so for just 1 Euro! Yes, it’s that cheap. There’s a catch, however. It cost 1.5 million Euros to maintain it. This package also gives you an evening dinner at a Restaurant along with a wine tasting session.

City Tour

Frankfurt Tour Bus

(c) Frankfurt Tour Bus | (c) Photo By Luisa

Frankfurt City Tour is a two-hour city tour on a double Decker bus. It cost 28.50 Euro per person. This tour also picks you up from your hotel, if requested. For any first time visitor to Frankfurt or anyone who hasn’t seen the city properly, this would be a fun tour. As it roams around the city, you will get an idea of places to go see while in the city. Main attractions you get to see during the city tour includes the modern European Banking Center, Romer Cathedral, Paul’s Church, The Old Opera, and shopping center Zeil.

Frankfurt Zoo

Tiger in Frankfurt Zoo

Tiger in Frankfurt Zoo | (c) Photo By mutti2leif

It may not be the best zoo in the world but it sure is a nice attraction in Frankfurt to visit. I really enjoyed the Gorillas, monkeys and the Lions. Frankfurt zoo is the home of over 4,500 animals in more than 500 different species. This would be a great attraction, especially if you have small children. It sure will be a fun activity for them an a laid back day for adults.


Roses at Palmengarten

Roses at Palmengarten | (c) Photo By Salika Jayasinghe

Palmengarten is an open ground consisted of unique greenhouses, displaying beauty and diversity of the flowering plants. Palmengarten has flower shows throughout the year, and information of gardening and botany. If you take your kids, they can be occupied either in the playgrounds or miniature golf ground.

Overall Frankfurt is a lively and diversified metropolis in the heart of Europe. Frankfurt has a great deal of urban excitement along with a magnificent skyline.

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  1. A nice place to visit in Frankfurt is the Henninger brewery. This white 120 metre-high silo was built in 1961 by the Henninger brewery to store barley. As such, it is the tallest brewery in Germany. 761 steps lead up to the viewing platform which offers fine views of the city and the surrounding countryside. A restaurant is located in the tower along with a small museum devoted to the history of brewing. The Henninger Turm is also known for the yearly cycling event in May, this contest is called Rund um den Henninger Turm and top cyclists participate.