Hotels With Glamorous Hotel Staff Around The World

Besides the comfort of having someone make your bed every morning, and you taking a break from your busy work life, what’s more exciting is having the most beautiful and gorgeous hotel staff treating you well! Enjoy this post because it will make your heart stop a beat when you rad about these hotel staff. There have been recent buzz about the staff at these hotels. So check it out as the hotel staff is sure to be eye candy for you!

Meet The Glamorous Hotel Staff Around The World

Glamorous Hotel Staff

Glamorous Hotel Staff | (c) Photo By Journey Etc

Ritz-Carlton South Beach, Miami, Florida

Hot staff at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach is always a treat, and ladies, you will see some biceps and more biceps. If you enjoy laying on a beach chair to get a tan, you can get your sun tan lotion rubbed on your back between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm every weekend by one of the hotel staff! How does it works? Well pretty simple when their motto is  “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen“. You will be pampered with tanning lotion massage of your back, Evian mist, and even get your sunglasses cleaned. I guess you could call it a ‘ tanning butler‘. Recently one of these so called tanning butlers got snatched by a modeling agency for Armai! So all the single ladies, watch out.

Paia Inn Hotel, Maui, Hawaii

Owen Wilson was here, and seen chilling out in the patio. I wonder if there was a reason for that? Well there is for sure. You are sure to find lots and lots of surfer chicks at Paia Inn. You will find friendly hotel staff who you can even challenge for a ping pong tournament. Better yet, they can give you some tips on surfing and even come out to the water with you. Which ever sport or leisure you want, Paia Inn hotel staff beauties will gladly help you with a smile.

Palms Resort Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, do I need to say more! Hotel staff beauties are everywhere. There are beautiful ladies who will deal playing cards or serving you a drink at the bar or poolside with a smile. The best thing is, it is OK to look. That is exactly the purpose. For more information, I suggest you check Palms Resort Las Vegas.

Lukula Selous, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

It sure will be an adventure if you head out to Lukula Selous in Selous Game Reserve. There might be a few bugs and the beat might be humid at times but if I told you that there is a former professional hunter and a Calvin Klein model, wouldn’t you just forget about the bugs? You can spend fun filled days with them through the crocodile rivers or candle-lit dinner with herds of hippos near by. Even more, you won’t ever need to ask for directions when you have one of these hotel staff guides, and they speak six languages. OK so the thought of bugs is far behind you now isn’t’ it? I thought as much.

These are only a few of the hotels around the world that has beautiful hotel staff. There are plenty more. If you know of some hotels with remarkably good looking hotel staff, share the details with us fellow travelers.

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