Add Green Jewelry To Your Travel Wardrobe Collection

Did you know that being green and stylish can go hand in hand? Well, if you are fashion conscious as well as care for a greener earth, add Green Veggie Jewelry for your wardrobe collection. This is great for everyone – vegans, vegetarians and jewelry lovers who want to accessorize when traveling. The creator of Green Veggie Jewelry – Kerstin Laibach, has a smashing Vegan / Vegetarian Inscribed Jewelry Collection.

Green Veggie Jewelry By Kerstin Laibach

Green Jewelry: Veggie Jewelry Ring

Veggie Jewelry Ring | (c) Photo By Traveling Greener

Her jewelery is not just gorgeous but is completely environmental friendly. It fact, it help save elephants from extinction as her jewelry replaces ivory. These replacement ivory, which is called vegetable ivory, or more commonly called Tagua, is a seed which comes from a type of palm trees in the Amazon rainforest. Tagua seed can be harvested without causing any damage to the trees or local wildlife. It can be polished, cut or dyed to create beautiful ivory-looking pieces of jewelry. Therefore it not only save elephants but the rainforest and its wildlife too.

She also donates 10% of all purchases to the wildlife protection and conservation programs.

Some principles of Kerstin Laibach’s Vegan and Vegetarian collection include:

  • Nothing newly-mined
  • Recycled gold and silver
  • Locally-gathered surface stones
  • All jewelry cruelty-free and vegan / vegetarian
  • Genuine approach to chemical-hazard-free crafting
  • Carbon-inverted targets (dedicated to putting more back into nature than taking from it)
  • Every jewelry detail handmade by Kerstin Laibach

So the next time you go travel shopping for beautiful and chic accessories, try Vegan / Vegetarian Inscribed Jewelry Collection. Not only you will be an Eco Goddess but will contribute indirectly to a genuine and noble cause.

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    Thanks for your comment Savio! I agree, it is really good that people take the initiative to be environmental friendly.
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  2. This was an informative article. Thanks. It’s time we became environment friendly.
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