Hot Springs For Macaque Monkeys In Japan

Picture a soothing and relaxing place where you can unwind and be free…sounds like a spa? Well that would be a spa for sure. A place we can be to get away from stress. However, it is not just us who wants to relax apparently. Macaque monkeys or Snow monkeys in Japan wants that too. They even have their own spa too! It is more than a spa with rose petals and scented candles. We’re talking about cliffs of snow, rolling evergreen forests, beautiful clear pool with hot mineral water, and surrounded by rocks and water jets that spew out water. Aren’t you jealous of these Macaque monkeys? I sure am :)

Macaque Monkeys In Japan

Macaques Monkeys At The Hot Springs, Japan

Macaque Monkeys At The Hot Springs, Japan | (cc) Photo By Oksana Perkins

This resort in Yamanouchi is called the Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park. It is in the heart of central Japan and that’s where the Macaque monkeys are. At this Hot Springs in Japan, you will find these snow monkeys with thick, sand-colored fur and bright red faces. They can be seen seated in the water like their human cousins, relaxing and nodding off. There are about 250 Macaque monkeys in this resort. They have even been featured on stamps. Furthermore, it has been a major attraction during the 1998 Nagano Olympics. Macaque monkeys are an endangered species so it is nice they are treated well.

Snow Monkeys Relaxing In The Hot Springs

Snow Monkeys Relaxing In The Hot Springs | (cc) Photo By Hakuba Snow Resort

You might wonder why Hot Springs for these snow monkeys. Well it seems they got their love of hot springs about 40 years ago. There had been a small wooden inn where these macaque monkeys came regularly to get out of the chill. Today, there are two main pools made just for them. Most snow monkeys soak quietly and some submerge themselves to walk on the bottom of pools in search of nuts or other food. Oh the life of these monkeys eh?

As visitors you might not be able to join the monkeys at this beautiful Hot Springs, but you can view them from a far as pamphlets are given which says this:

“The monkeys here are not lovable animals. If they feel a threat to their lives, they will try to bite. Observe quietly, and as far back as possible.”

Aren’t these Macaque monkeys pampered or what?

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2 Responses to “Hot Springs For Macaque Monkeys In Japan”

  1. Shamis says:

    There are some awesome picture of these monkeys in hot springs on Flickr. Try this link But it can’t be compared to seeing it with your own eyes :)
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  2. Yeah this does seem like a sweet spot for these monkeys. I wish these photographs where high resolution so I could see the finer details of the pool and monkeys. I would love to visit this park and see this with my own eyes.