How To Avoid Risks At Hotel Rooms

When we book a hotel room for our trip we all look forward to relax, and not having to make the bed in the morning. At the same time, has it ever crossed your mind that you should be cautious of your surroundings while at the hotel? Especially when you are in a foreign country? I’m not trying to scare off happy travelers so they will sleep in the car. But hotel rooms may not always be a paradise either. Good news is, with a bit of prevention you can minimize the chances of ruining a wonderful trip. Here are five things you should be mindful when you are at a hotel.

Tips To Avoid Risks When Staying At Hotel Rooms

Hotel Hazzards

Hotel Hazzards | (c) Photo By HSE

Do Not Reveal Your Room Number

This is a simple yet an important tip, especially for women and solo travelers. When you check-in to the hotel at the reception, don’t let the front desk reception publicize your room number. If he/she announces it out loud when giving your hotel room key or card, simply ask for a different room. The idea is to prevent any by-standers from hearing in which room you will be spending the night. Why take the chance of having unwanted trouble?

Do Not Drink From The Glassware

I have always been ‘iffy’ when drinking from glassware from hotels. Instead I buy water bottles. You may or may not know but hotels are a hotbed for micro-organisms. They are in places like light switches and bedspreads. I have heard of guests who use gloves and bring Lysol to touch certain things at hotels. But there is one thing that travelers should be suspicious – the glasses. There’s no guarantee that your room glasses and mugs aren’t simply rinsed off under the tap by the cleaning staff. If you need to use glasses, an easy way to fix this problem is to run the glasses under hot water for few minutes.

Do Not Jump Into the Minibar

When you get to your hotel room, don’t jump into the minibar. No doubt it is tempting to search through what is available in the minibar. The thing with hotels and their minibars is the price. You will be paying more than its actual price in a supermarket. Other than that, you should be aware that some minibars have sensors that trigger when you pick up an item and put it back. That will immediately add the price of that item to your bill. To avoid temptation and additional expenses, call ahead and ask to empty the minibar before your arrival.

Do Not Lean on the Windows

I don’t have specific and accurate statistics on hotel window falls or deaths but do a simple web search on ‘hotel window falls’ and you will be shocked. Therefore think twice before you lean on a hotel window. If you want to lean on something, grab a chair and sit instead. You will be much safer that way.

Do Not Ignore Hotel Reviews

TripAdvisor is well known for hotel reviews. They come out each year with ‘Dirtiest Hotels’, listing hotels from Asia, USA and Europe. Once you read few reviews about a hotel, it will become clear on what to expect once you arrive. For example, would you want to stay at a hotel room that is full of molds and cockroaches running around? One of the best ways to avoid unwanted issues at hotel rooms is to read what other travelers say about it. If there are recent reports of an infestation, rethink that reservation.

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