How To Be Fashionable When Traveling

Traveling by air is already a hassle but do you really have to dress like an overweight luggage? Whether you’re heading to conquer Mount Everest or to enjoy sunny Malibu, flying in style won’t harm you. In fact, it will pay off well. Studies show that you’re treated much better when you appear more respectable and put together. This is true no matter where in the world you travel. So take a note of these travel fashion tips to loose the boring tourist look, and appear more modern and trendy when traveling.

Travel Fashion Tips For Your Trip

1. Loose The Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack

Fanny pack is undoubtedly one of the most notorious fashion items a tourist can carry. Although the ‘belt bag’ has been praised for many years for its security when traveling, it could poorly affect your outlook. If you are a bit bulky in the mid section, it will only draw more attention to that area. You don’t want that now, do you?

Fashion Tip:
A small backpack can replace the fanny pack. Not only it looks modern but you can put more than your wallet and passport too. Try Amazon for some fashionable bags at special rates.

2. Get Rid of Those Running Shoes

Colorful Running Shoes

Wearing chunky and bright running shoes when traveling around a new city maybe comfortable but it also could draw locals attention easily…in an unfashionable way.

Fashion Tip:
Try low profile sneakers or loafers, which gives you all the cushioning you’ll need for a day of touring. Not to mention they’ll let you tour in style too.

3. Take Off That Souvenir T-Shirt

I Love NY

Almost every tourist spotted on earth has one souvenir t-shirts or another. Now why would you want to wear it when you are still on vacation? By wearing a souvenir t-shirt you place a huge ‘tourist’ sign on your forehead. This could get you higher prices as locals would know you to be a tourist.

Fashion Tip:
Simply, dress casual. Have some plain t-shirts and cargo pants/shorts. Also keep your appearance inconspicuous and un-touristy as possible. It’s a matter of security plus style.

4. Go Glamorously


Why not put a little glamor and travel like the celebrity you know you are? Ditch the sweatpants and sweaters, and pull out those trendy sunglasses and scarfs.

Fashion Tip:
Do not forget though that the extra stuff you wear will cost you one to two extra minutes of hassle at security but if you know how to plan right, it is worth it! You will look like a million bucks.

5. Don’t Wear Light Colors

White Shirts

Cloths are bound to get dirty when traveling, and light color cloths show stains pretty harshly. So by wearing light color cloths when traveling, you take the risk of looking dirtier than you really are. That is bad for the fashionable diva in you.

Fashion Tip:
Pack some dark color cloths and maybe a wrinkle free shirt as well. The advantage of wearing dark color cloths when traveling is, stain will not be as visible as on light color cloths.

So next time you travel, don’t just think about comfort only but be a little fashionable as well. Besides 60’s are long gone!

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