How Vacations Have Changed Over The Years

Have you ever thought what vacations were like in the 1930’s? I’m sure it was not like today where we just point and click on our laptop, and voila, we are all set for our dream trip. Back then however, travel meant horses and buggies, wagons, and long train rides across the country. Today, we travel in private jets and luxury yachts, non-stop to our destinations. Everything from how we plan to where we travel and what we do on our holiday destinations have really changed over the years. Take a look at this infographic by CityPass to see the changes from 19th century to 21st century.

Infographic: How Vacations Have Changed

How Vacations Have Changed

How Vacations Have Changed | (c) Infographic By CityPass

2 Responses to “How Vacations Have Changed Over The Years”

  1. Adeline says:

    Very interesting statistics, Shamis. I have to agree with the need to schedule vacations way in advance. It can be such a hassle, especially in many companies like that one that I used to work for before I delved into freelance writing. It was so crazy fighting over vacation slots just so that we can celebrate Christmas or New Year with the family. Sometimes, even if you have scheduled a vacation way in advance, they’ll always seem to come up with something to make you feel guilty about taking a break. So sad actually.
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    • Shamis says:

      I am truly amazed how vacations have changed from many years ago as well. But for the better I think. Like you mentioned, trying to schedule time off with other co workers in workplaces can be such a hassle at times. And especially if you are the one who has to make everyone happy in getting the time off they request – personal experience :)