Lanka Challenge, A Rich Wildlife and Scenic Beauty to Explore

For a small island Sri Lanka sure has a lot to offer. A variety of wonderful places to explore, from the beautiful coastlines and beaches to the tea plantations, lush rainforests and the villages in the hills… and the list goes on and on.

What better way to explore these amazing things in this beautiful island of Sri Lanka than having the ‘ Lanka Challenge.’

This event is brand new and started only in 2009 but it has captivated the world with the adventurous challenge. This is a charity driven challenge across Sri Lanka. This event is endorsed and supported by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Tourism & the Sri Lankan Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB).

Participants travel in Rickshaws (Tuk Tuks) across the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. This is the most funkiest and fun modes of transportation in Sri Lanka. These Tuk Tuks can challenge themselves through mountains, rainforests, coastal villages and busy cities, all of this while viewing the  most breathtaking scenery you will ever witness in Sri Lanka.

tuk tuk

What is the challenge you ask?

Do not be mistaken, this is not a race, it is a CHALLENGE! This is a combination of timed legs and challenges. And the winning team is determined by the total accumulated challenge time minus the total time deductions resulting form the challenges successfully completed.

For each day of the race, the participants are given a number of challenges which needs to be completed by each team. These challenges range from being adventurous, cultural and ecological which involves the local communities in Sri Lanka.

Well if you are the adventurous type, this will for sure measure your true character. Lanka Challenge is a 12 day Tuk Tuk race which will give you a personal experience of some of the most fascinating sites and capture your ‘nature delights’ of Sri Lanka. All this to raise money for local and international charities.

Julian Carnall, Partner and Organizer of Large Minority, who along with Juan Paredes conceived and organized the event says: “The Lanka Challenge is an adventure race with a charity element to it, targeting international participants. Through our event we intend to promote tourism, help the local community and improve the country’s international image. This is the perfect time to present the new face of Sri Lanka, and to give something back to the people. It is a country that we both admire very much”.

Lanka Challenge has teamed up with charities based in Sri Lanka and a total of 10% of each team’s entry fee will be split evenly between the two main partner charities.

What’s the reward?

The team that finishes the ‘Lanka Challenge’ in the least amount of time and the most amount of challenges presented to them are declared the winner and will be given the title of ‘The Lanka Challenge Champions‘. And of course don’t forget they have some awesome prizes from the sponsors.

Lanka Challenge – A north to east route that will show you beautiful miracles of Sri Lanka with a smile! So come and join this amazing journey.

If you are interested and would like to participate, become a sponsor or donate to this amazing cause please visit for further details.

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