Airport Security Scanner: New Underwear To The Rescue

Airport security scanner, don’t be alarmed.I have some fabulous news for passengers who are concerned about what is revealed on security scanner at airports. It is a company that specializes in keeping your private parts ‘private’ while going through the new invasive security scanners that gives the ‘no underwear’ feeling. Las Vegas based company Rocky Flats Gear Underwear has hit it big for coming up with a solution to protect you from the ‘no underwear’ feeling or more precisely the radiation.

Airport Security Scanner Blocker Underwear

New Radiation Blocker Underwear

Airport Security Scanner: Radiation Blocker Men's Brief

Radiation Blocker Men's Underwear | (c) Photo By rockyflatsgear

Say hello to your new underwear, which features a fig leaf design that will protect your privates from radiation, while going through those embarrassing scanners. How this works is, as you go through airport security scanners, the TSA (Transportation Security Administrations) agents looking at your scan will see a shape of a leaf instead of your ‘no underwear’ image! Just imagine the look on the TSA agent who is scanning you, when they see a fig leaf :)

Radiation Blocker Underwear Features

  • Block natural and man-made radiation
  • Use for extended air travel to protect from whole body scanners
  • Protect from increased radiation while flying
  • Blocks/diminish Alpha and Beta radiation
  • Blocks/diminish T-Wave/Tera hertz radiation from remote strip cameras
  • Blocks/diminish X-ray/gamma radiation from back scatter x-ray machines
  • Insures privacy of medical and body scanner images
  • Proudly made in USA
  • Uni-sex brief gray green shield
  • Size 28-30″ 71-76 cm small to 36-38″ 91-96 cm large
  • Care: Wash cold chlorine free bleach
  • Weight: 2.5 Oz( 0.075kg)
  • Price: Less than US$20

So the next time you go to airport, wear one of these radiation blocker underwear, and be assured your private parts will not be revealed at security scanners. What’s more, it will make those grumpy security officers smile! Do not be afraid of a security scanner!

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