Pay Up to Move Forward on The Flight

Does it really matter where you sit on the plane and be excited of you get move forward a couple of seats?  OK to some this might be your chance if you are interested. To others, move forward in a flight might not excite you!

American Airlines has joined the pay-it-forward seating plan, which ask customers to pay up (of course) an additional $19-$39 just to move forward and sit in the first several rows of the coach cabin on domestic flights. Sounds like a good deal to just move forward a couple of seats? Personally I would skip the move forward and just sit where I am. Better yet, if you book online, you can now even choose your seat :)

However, the program it does  include bulkhead seats, however it won’t be available to elite-level frequent fliers unless they pay extra, too. There is no surprise there!

Move Forward in a Flight to a Comfortable Seat

Move Forward in a Flight to a Comfortable Seat | (c) Photo By News Cnet

American’s “Express Seats’’ offer is similar to the  seating payment option at US Airways.  Smart Airlines know that seats at the front of the plane are preferable to many travelers. Perks being that you get to board first, get off the plane faster, and you likely get served your food beverage first. Also, you will have enough space to put your hand luggage in the overhead compartment.  For all this, all you have to do is pay a bit more when booking your flight!

Now the question comes, Is it worth it to move forward in a seat or two?

I personally think sitting in row 7 (behind first class) instead of row 25 isn’t worth an extra $30. I think I can think of something better to do with that $30, like have a nice meal at the destination I am traveling to than get off four minutes earlier only to be waiting again at a security counter.

I would think it is worth paying extra for better seating if it is actually better seating, such as the extra legroom. Especially for travelers who are on a flight for 12 hours or more. So if you want to pay and move your seat forward, I’d say ask what the Airline  what you get that is different to sitting in seat number 25 and move forward to seat 2!

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