Poisonous Snakes Occupied Snake Island in Brazil

Off the shore of beautiful Brazil is Ilha de Queimada Grande or the Snake Island to be more precise. It is untouched by humans and for a very good reason. This exotic island in Brazil is inhabited by deadly and poisonous snakes with the worst venom in the world! Researches say that the island has one and five snakes per square meter. That being said, it sure is an island for deadly snakes and no others.

Snake Island Brazil Poisonous Snakes

The Golden Launchhead Snake

The Golden Launchhead Snake, Responsible For 90% Of Brazilian Snake Bites | (c) Photo By globaltimes

The Brazilian Navy has forbidden anyone to visit the Snake Island, and they are doing this to protect the people from these poisonous snakes. Poisonous snakes such as the golden launchead lives in this island. If encountered, these snakes possess a powerful and fast acting poison that melts the flesh. This type of snake is so dangerous that with the exception of scientific outfits, no one else is permitted to this island in Brazil.

There are several snake bite stories you are bound to hear from the locals around the coastal towns. One such popular snake bite story is about a fisherman who went to the Snake Island Brazil to pick bananas. With such density of snakes, naturally he was bitten by a poisonous snake. He however has managed to return to his boat but he was found later on the boat deck in a pool of blood.

Another snake bite story is about this Brazilian islands’ lighthouse operator (the final operator I must add) and his family. One night a handful of poisonous snakes has entered the lighthouse through a window and attacked the lighthouse operator, his wife and the three kids. They fled from the lighthouse to get to their boat but was bitten by more poisonous snakes and later found dead.

As you can see, there is a reason why this island in Brazil is a paradise for snakes and deadly for humans. It would be best to take Brazilian Navy advice and watch from a far and learn about the snakes than being a daring traveler. Would you visit Snake Island Brazil?

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