Land of Living Skies – Saskatchewan, Canada

If you ever visit the province of Saskatchewan in Canada, you will most definitely hear the phrase “Land of Living Skies“. This is because when you look up the sky, you can see the beautiful blue sky for miles away. It sure is like a canvas painting that you would look while sitting in your living room. I had the opportunity to live in Saskatchewan for three years when I was studying in Regina. The blue skies, friendly people with a smile on their faces and the training academy for Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Regina are some of Saskatchewan’s attractions. In fact the province of Saskatchewan is very proud of being Canada’s only training academy for Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Regina.

Scenic Saskatchewan Vacations

Weather in Saskatchewan

Canadian Province Saskatchewan Skyline

Saskatchewan Skyline | (cc) Photo by Jimmy Emerson

Saskatchewan weather is the topic of many conversations from winter Chinooks to autumn Indian summers to summer thunderstorms. The weather has four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter which is very distinct. Sometimes the temperature can fluctuate dramatically. The summer is green and beautiful while the winter is cold and a white winter wonderland. If you ever visit Saskatchewan during winter, hot chocolate will be your best friend.

Saskatchewan Attractions

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Regina

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Regina | (c) Photo by PhotoLanguage

  • Training academy for Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Regina
  • Saskatoon Berry Farm
  • Water activities (fishing, canoeing)
  • Parks (swirling grasslands, tall trees, abundant wildlife and quick moving rivers)
  • Spas (Swedish massage, reflexology etc.)
  • Restaurants (steak and potatoes are very famous)

Accommodations in Saskatchewan

Leader Inn Saskatchewan

Leader Inn Saskatchewan | (c) Photo by daryl_mitchell

Need a place to stay? Accommodation options range from no-frills to 4-star elegance. In-between you will find everything from spa retreats to log cabins, and urban B&B to vacation farms.

Saskatoon Berry Farm

Cheesecake Smothered in Saskatoon Berries

Cheesecake Smothered in Saskatoon Berries | (c) Photo by Space Ritual

One thing that you can not miss  is the Saskatoon Berry Farm. The best mouth watering pies in Canada are made here. A piece of pie and a cup of tea while sitting on the deck of this berry farm is unexplainable. It is something you should experience yourself. When ever I was in the area, I never missed to drop by at the farm. If you like picking your own berries to take a treat home, there is 50 acres for you to explore. Best time to visit Saskatoon Berry Farm is around July and August.

Visitors leaving this welcoming province remark about the same thing: the friendly, down-to-earth folks who will welcome you warmly, show you around the place and ask you back. I know this for a fact because I experienced it when I lived there, and it is just so memorable!

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