Sri Lanka Named A Travel Hotspot For 2011

As proud as I am to be a Canadian, I am always proud about where my roots are – Sri Lanka. British newspaper ‘The Independent’ has named Sri Lanka as the Travel Hotspot For 2011. In a recent article by the newspaper titled 2011’s Tourism Hotspots: What To Do In Sri Lanka, the newspaper points out that Sri Lanka offers its visitors a wide array of attractions. Sri Lanka was also the home for Sir Arthur C Clarke who claimed the island The Jewel of The Indian Ocean. The futurist also said this is the best place in the world from which to view the universe. With the end of three decade long civil war in 2009, tourism has been booming in this paradise island. In January 2011, tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka went up by 46% compared to same time last year. It is predicted that this year will attract approximately about 700,000 tourists compared to the 650,000 that visited in 2010.

Sri Lanka Named A Travel Hotspot For 2011

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka greeting "Aayubowan" (May you live long) | (c) Photo By kohomban

Here are some of the attractions and activities you can enjoy, some of which was published in The Independent newspaper article.

Sports & Recreation

Sri Lanka has a vibrant sporting culture and is one of the host countries for ICC Cricket World Cup. Cricket teams from around the world including Sri Lanka, India, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada are playing throughout February and March 2011. Rest of the year is well-known for golfing as well as water sports thanks to its pristine beaches and backwaters.

Other Sports You Can Enjoy

Health The Ancient Way

Legend has it that Ayurveda (ancient medical treatments) was imported to Sri Lanka in the 6th Century BC, and it has since evolved to include some indigenous treatments. At the Mihintale mountain, visitors can see the ruins of what many believe to be the World’s First Hospital.

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Eco Tourism

Eco tourism is big in Sri Lanka and is getting bigger. Guests can lay their heads in the middle of the jungle, disturbed only by the odd passing elephants. The most famous tropical rainforest in the country is Sinharaja, which is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Eco Team organizes eco tours that might interest you.

Follow A Trail

The Ramayana Trail is one of the most unique attractions in Sri Lanka. Follow the events of the epic poem, which supposedly took place in the country, taking in jungle shrines, mountains, ponds and hot springs.

Go Back In Time

The ruins of Anuradhapura tell the story of a city, which was once one of the grandest in the world between 4th Century BC and 11th Century AD. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is popular with those seeking meditation or discovery. Many kings have ruled the country from this great city, which leaves us today with lot of ancient architecture to witness the rich and powerful culture.

Enjoy A Cup of Tea

Ceylon Tea is probably the most famous export in Sri Lanka. It is the fourth largest tea producer in the world. There are many tea plantation tours available on the island, or visitors can just settle for sipping some Ceylon tea in one of Colombo’s many tearooms.

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You can find further information from Lonely Planet Country Guide to Sri Lanka. Come and see the beauty of this tropical island and take memories to share with your friends back home!

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