Simple Tips To Overcome Jet Lag & Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Many of us get out of the flight so ‘jaded’ after traveling for a long time. We look at our watches to see it’s just 2:00pm at home though the vacation destination time is 4:00am. Next the question comes…do I sleep or stay awake? Welcome to Jet lag! Jet lag is a […]

How Best to Care for Your Skin When Under The Sun

Many of us wait for the weather to be sunny to pack our swim suits and take a trip to the beach! One thing we put in our bags is the sunscreen, and we like to think that we are up-to-date with the latest sunscreen information. But how much do we actually […]

Things Airlines Don’t Want You to Know

airline water

Come to think of it, the average traveler knows only a little about what’s involved in the daily operations of commercial airlines. Most of us are just concerned about going from one destination to another, safely. But how much do you, as a traveler, should know when it comes to the air […]

Traveling During Your Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an exciting news for a woman along with traveling during your pregnancy. Being excited might just make you want to take a holiday. With that in mind, women with a healthy pregnancy can travel until shortly before their due dates. However, traveling to another country can be complicated. Here are […]

Immunization When Traveling Abroad

Traveling is a great activity for anyone, especially when you go abroad but have you thought about immunization. However, it is very important to look after your health first. This is where immunization comes to play. It is wise to make an appointment with your physician or travel medicine clinic before your […]