Experience Spa Weekend Getaways

Spa Weekend Getaways

Sometimes you just need spa weekend getaways for relaxation and rejuvenation, especially when life becomes excessively busy. Spa weekend getaways is by far the best kick start to your exhausted energy levels. Not only does it soothe you, it also becomes a sort of refuge from the reality of our everyday lives. Whether you are […]

Tea Rooms To Enjoy A Great Cup of Tea

If you are like me, you love drinking a great cup of tea. And for others who think drinking tea is boring and gross, odds are you probably had a poorly brewed cup of tea. There are many reasons to drink tea. The aroma, warmth it brings on a cold winter morning […]

How To Avoid Travel Fatigue When You Travel

Traveling is often great, whether it is a vacation or a business trip. However not everyone is used to traveling back and forth and between multiple time zones. So they get tired and grumpy easily. This is know as travel fatigue. It affects memory, performance and digestive functions. As a result it […]

How To Avoid Traveler’s Diarrhea On Your Trips

Traveling can be exciting and fun, but not so fun when you get traveler’s diarrhea. Surprisingly it is very common among travelers. There are two major reasons for traveler’s diarrhea. One is travelers not getting necessary vaccinations from their doctor before the trip. Second is consuming foreign water and food, especially street […]

Coolest Spas Around The World

So you booked yourself into one of the coolest spas you know of, the massage table is ready and you are all set for couple hours of relaxing time. Doesn’t this sound like an usual spa weekend getaway we all are used to? Sure, after oil baths and massages, we feel great, […]