Christmas In Sydney – Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of the countries that embraces a new day before the rest of the world. Christmas is no different to Australia as they celebrate it way ahead of the rest and especially from where I am. This has created Australia a country that people want to see especially during Christmas […]

Travel Photo: Coffee Bean Tree With Coffee Beans

Ummm…the smell of a steaming and warm cup of coffee coming from the kitchen in the morning is what we wake up to. But have you seen the beauty of coffee bean trees? I had the chance as I was hiking, and didn’t forget to capture a snap shot of this coffee […]

Travel Photo: Glowing Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner and you will see amazing Christmas trees decorated with ornaments and lights where ever you go…be it at the Mall or at a friends’ house. After all, this is the season to be festive! Here is a picture of my own little Christmas tree that I decorate […]

Travel Photo: Morning View At Bentota, Sri Lanka

We go on a holiday to relax and get away from the busy working life in the city. Well I did exactly that when I went to the sunny city of Bentota in Sri Lanka. Facing the Indian Ocean, Bentota offers you swimming, scuba diving, jet skiing, and romantic river safaris. When […]

Travel Photo: 5th Century BC Painting of Sigiriya

Sigiriya or The Lion’s Rock in Sri Lanka is the rock fortress built on top of a 1,214 feet (370 meters) rock during King Kasyapa’s regime (477 AD – 495 AD). On this fortress there had been parks for the royals which included water retaining structures and sophisticated surface/subsurface hydraulic systems (some […]