Things You Must Pack In Your Carry-On Bag When Traveling

The best way to travel is of course with no luggage at all or just pack what you need. Wishful thinking for some of us but for those travelers who can travel with only a carry-on bag are the lucky ones or shall I say blessed ones. Traveling light is an art and what to pack in your carry-on bag is an art. Needless to say that packing light will definitely make your trips more enjoyable and hassle free. We all know that carry-on bags are limited on space so it makes what we can pack limited as well. Also the size of the carry-on bag size always seem to shrink as the years come and go. As a result, we have to be smart about packing too.

Things To Pack In Your Carry-On Bag

What To Pack Inside Your Carry On Bag

What To Pack Inside Your Carry On Bag | (c) Photo By Crushing On Clothes

Here are 13 things that you must pack in the carry-on bag

  1. Money
    It is never a good idea to pack your money in your check-in luggage. Keep your cash, credit cards and travelers checks with you on board the plane
  2. ID and Passport
    Keep your passport, drivers license, insurance cards and VISA documents with you
  3. Itinerary
    Keep a copy of your itinerary with you on your carry-on. This is useful because you will need this information to fill out forms at the airport, at the hotel, car rentals etc
  4. Tickets
    This is vital and most important to pack. If you ever lose the checked bag with your return tickets in it, you will have to go through some trouble to get another one back. You will also need this when arriving at your destination
  5. Camera
    You never know when you need to take a snap shot of a view. Therefore it’s best to pack it in your carry-on luggage rather than packing it with your checked-in luggage. This could even save your camera from possible damages
  6. International Calling  Card
    Your local service provider for your cellphone will cost you a arm and a leg when you are in a foreign country, so the best thing is to have a international calling card handy
  7. Jewelery
    Keep your expensive jewelery with you at all times. Cheap costumer jewelery can go in the check bag, even better  keep the expensive jewelery  at home when you go on a vacation
  8. Birth Control
    You never know what will happen while you travel. Flight delays, cancellations, baggage lost etc so better keep this close to you
  9. Hand Sanitizer
    We know that there are germs no matter where we go, and inside a airplane for twelve hours, well lets face it, it is not the cleanest. So have a travel size hand sanitizer with you. You will be glad that you decided to pack in it in your carry-on, trust me
  10. Spare Underwear
    If it is a  long flight, pack a few undies. They are not heavy
  11. Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    You never know if the flight gets delayed or if you have to meet someone special or a business associate upon arrival. Pack a toothbrush and some toothpaste would come in handy in situations like that
  12. Medicine
    It is always a good habit to keep any important medicine with you at all times as you never know when the need comes. Also remember to bring a copy of your prescription. Security gate staff have funny attitudes about medications
  13. Earplugs
    They’re great at blocking out the engine sounds, snoring passengers, and screaming kids. The silicone earplugs are great.

All these items are light weight and easy to fit into your carry-on bag. Make sure your bag follows the size regulations as well. There are other little things that you can put in a carry-on bag such as a book to read, sunglasses and iPod.

There are some nice carry-on bags available on Amazon. See if they fit your needs.

Remember, anything you bring, you will have to carry with you! So pack smart, travel comfortably and you will have a pleasant holiday.

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  1. Shamis says:

    Great addition to the list Deen! Thanks for that.
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  2. Deen says:

    May I add A razor and after shave / some perfume if its business. In any case after shave double up as an antiseptic as well for small cuts.
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