Tips & Tools To Become The Traveling Digital Ninja

Technology is everywhere. Even when we travel we carry our smartphones and laptops. But there are times we get frustrated because we cannot check our emails at the airport or we miss out on watching our favorite TV show because we are half way around the world. Well, be frustrated no more. Yours truly (that’s me by the way) did some research and found some tricks to beat the ‘shield’ of technology. I call them ‘hacker tricks’ but don’t worry it’s nothing illegal. These will make technology work for you when you travel, not against you.

Travel Tips For Digital Age Travelers

Travel Tips For Digital Age Traveler

Travel Tips For Digital Age Traveler | (c) Photo By thrig

How To Get More Wireless

Whenever I’m at a cafe or just have some time to kill when I travel, I usually check for Wi-Fi on my (*cough*) iPhone. However, it is not always free. This is where WiFinder or WeFi come in handy. You don’t have to be a tech whiz to do this. Other than that, you can share Wi-Fi cost, if you are traveling with friends. If you’re feeling bit techie, you can follow Anil Polat’s A Traveler’s Guide To Hacking Wireless Networks and Methods To Access Hotel Wireless Without Paying For It guides.

How To Watch Your Shows

We all have our favorite TV shows that even on vacation we wish we could watch. Maybe you can after all. Most websites that broadcast TV series implement regional blocks. So if you are in Punta Cana, you might not be able to watch your show but now you can easily get around by using FoxyProxy. This is a free Firefox plugin that allows you to set up a proxy to get around regional blocks on a website. Alternatively you can download your favourite TV shows or movies using BitTorrent (completely free and legal).

Be Safe, Save Money And Stay Connected

Technology can be fun. At the same time it won’t be, if someone get a hold of your information on your phone or laptop. So, other than protecting your laptop make sure you do a SIM and phone lock when you travel. Moreover, remove restrictions on your iPhone or smart phone by jailbreaking (legal in the US and many other countries) and unlocking to use it anywhere in the world with any carrier.

Hopefully these tips will make your travel a bit more interesting and save you some money as well. You got your tools now so go ahead and be the digital ninja.

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