Best Bakeries In The World That Sell Delicious Pastries

I’m a big fan of best bakeries in the world. That is why I make it a point to taste pastries from different bakeries especially when I travel to different cities or countries. Besides, there’s nothing more fulfilling than bumping in to a bakery that sells fresh, mouth watering pastries when you’re wandering the streets of a foreign city. Pastries are a good alternative to fast food too. So if you just want a quick bite to eat while you’re on a shopping spree, you can try a tasty strawberry pizza perhaps. Here are some of the best bakeries in the world that sells sweet delights to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Best Bakeries In The World

Florencio Bistro & Patisserie – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best Bakeries In The World: Cheesecake con frutas rojas

Cheesecake con frutas rojas | (c) Photo By Pick Up The Fork

Florencio Bistro & Patisserie is the best bakery in Buenos Aires for a very good reason. It is hidden in the city but you will be given a map so you won’t miss the chance to try the food. Once you find this delicious Bistro, you will have to make the difficult choice of apple pie or their signature dolce de leche chocolate cake!

Tartine Bakery – San Francisco, California

Best Bakeries In The World: Ham & Cheese Croissant

Ham & Cheese Croissant |(c) Photo By w0ngster's

Like most American bakeries, you will find all sorts of goodies at Tartine Bakery San Francisco, from French cakes to Italian sandwiches. The selection varies from chocolate eclairs, frangipane, and devil’s food cake. So the next time you are walking along Guerrero Street looking for pastries, grab some goodies and enjoy.

Bagatelle Boutique – London, UK

Best Bakeries Around The World: Macaroons from Bagatelle Boutique London

Macaroons from Bagatelle Boutique London | (c) Photo By Travel Grove

At Bagatelle Boutique London, you will find everything from French pastries to English desserts that will leave you asking for more. Some of the ingredients used to make these delicious pastries are: Bourbon vanilla beans, French chocolate, Normandy Butter and English fresh cream. Now does that make your mouth water or what? This bakery specializes in cakes along with croissants as well.

Ferrara Bakery & Cafe – New York City, New York

Best Bakeries In The World: Apricot chocolate filled pastry

Apricot chocolate filled pastry | (c) Photo By Brenda Pederson

There is no place to be if you are looking for Italian favorites in New York City. Ferrara Bakery & Cafe is one of the oldest and best bakeries in NYC. It is only natural that you can find some amazing bakeries in this city. You can indulge yourself in truffle cakes, chocolate covered cannoli and more cookies than you could imagine there existed. Just a little note, the line up is long, so I suggest you take out rather than sitting down and eating the treats.

Babycakes – San Diego, California

Best Bakeries Around The World: Cupcake By Babycakes

Cupcake By Babycakes | (c) Photo By Dionysus Cho

If you are looking for delicious cupcakes and cocktails in San Diego, hurry down to Babycakes. This is one of the favorite spots of locals, described as ‘Breakfast in Bed‘ because their treats taste just as it sounds. You can enjoy a little hint of syrup, bacon and pancakes. Also the cocktails that they offer are to die for! The Cafe also offers amazing lunch options and has a wi-fi for busy ones to enjoy food while working.

Ginza Kimuraya Bakery – Tokyo, Japan

Best Bakeries In The World:  Anpan Breads at Kimuray Bakery

Anpan Breads at Kimuray Bakery | (c) Photo By Wild Yeast

The Ginza Kimuraya in Tokyo, Japan is know for its tasty breads. The bakery is so popular, that it has outposts in Honolulu. If you are tired of your whole wheat bread, this is the place to be. This bakery produces 120 types of bread. There is a restaurant as well where you can enjoy their famous sweet bean paste buns.

Melia Pasteleria – Cartagena, Columbia

Best Bakeries In The World: Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies | (c) Photo By Jet Set Life

The Colombian Melia Pasteleria treats are just covered with chocolate. So if you are a chocolate fanatic, this is the place to be. For all the hot chocolate lovers, they make the best with streamed milk and chocolate bars thrown in. You will not be disappointed as everything including brownies and pancakes has chocolate. This spot maybe busy but it sure is not to be missed.

If you visit any of these cities during your travels, be sure try out some of the delicious and scrumptious pastries of these best bakeries in the world.

6 Responses to “Best Bakeries In The World That Sell Delicious Pastries”

  1. Miguel says:

    There is a little bakery in Madrid called “Horno Atanor” that has such collection of hearty-like pastries that you can not resist to buy just once. And the chocolate muffins are simply the best!

    • Shamis says:

      Thanks Miguel. Finding delicious little bakeries when abroad is a great :) Places like that have such great treats to eat and you can taste the authenticity of the place you are in.

  2. Roy says:

    I love good french pastry and haven’t found any better than Première Moisson in Montreal. The next time you are in Montreal give it a try.

  3. wow! the sight of the food makes me hungry already!! nice pictures!!! thank you for sharing…
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