Top Signs To Know You Are A Frequent Flyer

Some of us think we have become frequent flyers just by traveling on an airplane twice a year. That is when real frequent flyers, who flies at least twice a month laugh at us. In order to consider oneself a frequent flyer, it takes a lot more than the collected 100,000 air miles. Of course air miles can get you good airport lounges but that’s a different story. Read these fun facts to find out if you are eligible for this title.

Are You Are A Frequent Flyer?

Are You A Frequent Flyer

Are You A Frequent Flyer | (cc) Photo By Daniel Steger

  • You have your passport number memorized by heart
  • Flight attendants know you by name
  • Immigration officers greet you by name
  • You know exactly how long it takes from your house to the gate…to the second
  • You can identify airplanes just by looking at them
  • You know airlines just by looking at the logo on the tail
  • You know the interior layout for every plane type
  • You are in airplanes more than you are in cars
  • You do all your shopping from SkyMall
  • You actually know the names of the in-flight magazine authors
  • You have multiple airline credit cards
  • Your wallet/purse has currency from all over the world, which at time makes you confused
  • You don’t spend money, if it doesn’t give you air miles
  • You sign up for new credit cards, if they offer air mile deals
  • You refer to cities by their airport code
  • You have elite status on every airline alliance
  • You think airplane food isn’t that bad
  • Airplane wine? Yes please!
  • They named a plane after you
  • Even pilots don’t fly as much as you do
  • You’re on your second passport…this year

So are you a frequent flyer?

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