Travel Insurance For Cruises: What You Need To Know

Cruises, most of us love the travel part of it, but when it comes to travel insurance for cruises – not so much. Most travelers want to enjoy cruise vacations that are carefree and fun, and not with perplexing insurance terms and conditions. After all, what is the worst case scenario that could ever happen to us once we book a cruise or even while on a cruise right? Well, unfortunate occurrences could happen such as job loss, cruise line bankruptcies, lost luggage, cancelled flights, storms and accidents. Therefore, it’s wise to sign up for a good travel insurance for cruises. Such travel insurance for cruises will make sure that everything is covered should a crisis hit. Obviously you will have some questions regarding different cruise travel insurance options. Below Q&A should cover the most common issues.

Travel Insurance For Cruises

Travel Insurance For Cruises

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Does a travel insurance for cruises policy compensate if I get robbed while on vacation?

Travel insurance for cruises typically include coverages for baggage and personal effects that are lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed. It also includes the replacement of lost or stolen travel documents. Through 24-hour hotlines, travel companies for cruises can assists in replacing stolen documents, obtaining cash transfers, and relaying messages home. Always check with your cruise line and your insurance provider what the conditions are if you are robbed while on a cruise vacation.

What if I have a medical emergency while on a cruise?

Travelers who take cruises should know that having travel insurance with medical expenses and medical evacuation coverages can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the event you require medical attention. If it is just travelers diarrhea, you probably will be fine in a day or two. However, in the case of a major medical emergency, you will need to seek medical attention. In many countries, doctors and medical clinics ask for credit card before they take you in for treatments. With comprehensive travel insurance for cruises, you will be covered should such situations occur. So all you have to do is worry about getting the care you need. Insurance providers will make sure you are getting adequate care, and even relay messages home to your family or family doctor.

What if I need to change or cancel my travel plans?

One of the most common reasons that travelers cancel their trips is due to sickness or injury for themselves, travel companion or a family member. There could be other reasons like financial difficulties, job loss or a terrorist incident at the location you are going to. For maximum flexibility in making changes to your cruise vacation, you can consider policies that have ‘Cancel for Any Reason Coverage.’ Having such travel insurance for cruises will allow you to cancel a cruise trip for any reason without having to bare extra costs should an emergency arise.

What if my luggage is lost or delayed by cruise line?

If your luggage is lost or destroyed while traveling, travel insurance for cruises could cover the cost of the baggage and personal effects within, up to $1,000 on certain insurance coverages. And if your baggage is simply delayed for more than 12 hours, your travel insurance can come in handy by reimbursing any purchases of personal effects necessary until your luggage arrives. Make sure to check with your cruise line as well to see what their policies are in relation to baggage loss and delay.

What if the airline I’m flying back bankrupts or my flight is cancelled to or from my cruise port?

Policies with travel insurance for cruises usually reimburse the trip cost should a supplier declare bankruptcy. For travelers who purchase their insurance policy within 15 days of the initial trip deposit, this coverage is provided at no additional cost. If a cancelled or delayed flight causes you to miss your cruise departure or you have to book a new flight to catch up to the ship in the next port, cruise travel insurance policies typically reimburse your travel expenses.

Is health insurance plans typically included in travel insurance for cruises?

What most travelers may not realize is their health insurance plan typically does not travel with them outside the country. Therefore, it’s very important to carry travel insurance with medical expenses and evacuation coverage. Some plans even include evacuation back home or to your hospital of choice. It’s important to take out a good policy when it comes to travel insurance for cruises. Policies that includes coverage for doctor, hospital, or even dental expenses incurred while traveling, along with medical evacuation coverage.

What else does travel insurance for cruises cover that most travelers are unaware of?

Travelers might not be aware that travel insurance for cruises and the value it provides increases with every major world event, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and winter storms. Most travelers tend to think that travel insurance for cruises is not beneficial until something serious occurs. If you take the time to get the proper travel insurance for cruises, it will alleviate the costs like medical emergencies while traveling, or the need to cancel because of a family member’s death, sickness or injury.

How much does travel insurance for cruises cost?

Travel insurance for cruises cost somewhere between 4% and 8% of the total trip cost. Although this is the general range, ‘budget plans’ can be less than 4%, and premium plans can be as high as 12% and over. Senior citizens and travelers with per-existing medical conditions will be required to buy specific travel insurance plans. They will have to pay a little extra for their travel insurance for cruises because it’s deemed more likely that they will have to file a claim.

How do I compare and buy travel insurance for cruises?

The easiest way to compare travel insurance for cruises is to use a comparison website. It works the same way as Expedia when you buy plane tickets. You enter a few trip details and get prices from all the providers at the same time. Then you can shortlist the best choices and inquire more about each policy that you shortlisted before purchasing one.

Who Should Buy A Travel Insurance For Cruises Policy?

  • Travelers on an expensive cruise
    You may have waited and saved a long time for this trip, so it’s important to protect your financial investment. If the trip costs more than you can afford to lose, you should purchase adequate travel insurance for your cruise.
  • Honeymooning couples
    Newlyweds don’t need any distractions or complications of trying to solve expensive travel problems on this important trip. Missing a flight connection can cause you to miss the boat and have to fork over additional dollars you didn’t plan, after spending so much on the wedding already.
  • Families traveling with children
    Just as you plan for emergencies and accidents at home, you have to be just as prepared on your cruise trip. Your child could get sick before the trip and cause a cancellation, they could be hurt or injured in the unfamiliar environment on board, or any number of accidents can happen.
  • Seniors taking a cruise
    Medical emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime. Truth is, health insurance plans usually doesn’t cover outside the country. Therefore don’t take a risk; get an adequate travel insurance for cruises, which will take care of things for you while you are on a cruise trip.

Remember, once your cruise ship leave the port, you are no longer covered by your local health insurance plan unless you have purchased a travel insurance for cruises policy. If you don’t have any cruise travel insurance, you are subject to paying full price for any medical treatments, if something goes wrong. You can easily avoid such unnecessary situations, if you take the time to plan and get the right travel insurance for cruises policy. This will allow you to focus on enjoying your smooth sailing cruise. So make sure you and your family is protected while in the middle of the ocean with the right travel insurance for cruises policy.

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