Travel Photo: Elephant Crossing Road Sign

When we travel, we are bound to see things that are exciting and unique. It could be anything from an attraction to food to road signs. Well how many of you observe road signs when you travel? Of course other than the well known STOP and speed limit traffic signs. Some of you might have but when was the last time you stopped your car to see if an elephant was crossing the road? Probably not right? Well, if you travel to Southeast Asian countries you might come across such road signs as I did while in Sri Lanka. Not to mention I was very cautious to see, if there were any elephants crossing the road. This photo was taken on ‘Raja Mawatha’ road in ‘Daraniyagala’ town, which is between Kandy and Badulla – two major cities in Sri Lanka. Daraniyagala is more of a sanctuary and Raja Mawatha used to close after 6:00pm to make way for these majestic animals.

Road Signs: Elephant Crossing

Elephant Crossing Road Sign

Elephant Crossing Road Sign | (c) Photo By Salika Jayasinghe

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