Travel Photo: Floating Market Pattaya, Thailand

Floating markets are quite popular among tourists and Pattaya Floating Market in Thailand is no different. I was in Thailand for few days last month and had the opportunity to visit the Pattaya Floating Market during this time. It is a local shopping area backed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, several hotels, radio and television. You can find shops offering crafts, food, cloths and accessories. If you are fond of animals, you can pay and release the fish to water or feed milk to goat cubs. Floating Market in Pattaya also has a traditional longboat service where you can take a leisure cruise. Some of the boats on the lake the market is built on sell food as well. I found it fascinating and took a photo to share with you. See how you like it.

Food Boat In Pattaya Floating Market

Floating Market Pattaya, Thailand

Floating Market Pattaya, Thailand | (c) Photo by Salika Jay

6 Responses to “Travel Photo: Floating Market Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. egy king says:

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  2. Thanks for the good read. I’ve been reading your other posts and I have to say that they are impressive.

  3. Eric Auxier says:

    Didn’t get to this during my brief pass through BKK, so it’s top of the list for next time!


    • Shamis says:

      It sure is something you cannot miss Eric :) The floating market is a great place to spend the day tasting food, shopping and much more!