Travel Photo: Sunset On The Beach

Not everyday we get to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beach. Either we are not close to a beach or go home after sun is set or don’t see the sun all that much. Of course this may not be the case, if you live in a beach house. For the rest of us however, there are beautiful travel photos of sunset on the beach. Below is something I captured while enjoying an evening by the Mt. Lavinia beach in Sri Lanka. It was so beautiful that I had to take a photograph.

Beautiful Sunset Beach

Sunset on the Beach

Sunset on the Beach | Photo By Salika Jay

4 Responses to “Travel Photo: Sunset On The Beach”

  1. its beautiful. I admire this photo. I will do wallpaper this.

  2. Adeline says:

    Love the picture Shamis! It’s just so beautiful!!!
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