Travel Trends 2013 Infographic

Travel trends vary every year from the chosen holiday destinations to travel expenses. In 2007, about 80% Americans doing full-time jobs had planned to go on a vacation. That was 8 in 10 Americans, and that was also before the recession. So what has changed in 2013? Good news is, the number hasn’t decreased drastically. The millennials attribute to it largely. No wonder the travel companies target these independent-minded, tech-savvy, twenty and thirty-something travelers who are eager to explore the world. Find out the favorite travel seasons, type of holidays, average cost of family vacations, work during vacations and much more in this infographic compiled by

Infographic: Travel Trends In 2013

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  1. Interesting infographic. Travel is becoming more and more industrial. As we say “the travel industry”…

  2. Something really interesting about 2013 traveling trends is who Internet is a really important reference for booking a hotel, tour, deal, etc. I really like the information by Infographic . It is the easiest way of share info.

  3. Tina says:

    This looks very detailed and comprehensive….

    This must have taken a lot of time and diligence to make. Thanks for sharing it…

  4. Nisha says:

    Interesting data with nice infographics. 40% of managers expecting you to check e-mails? Looking at the current working style, I thought the no. would be more.

    What is surprising & sad here is that around 42% people cancel their vacations because of work. That’s huge.
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    • Salika Jay says:

      It seems the type of jobs now require you to be available no matter where you are. This is where people must miss the pre-internet work era.

  5. Interesting data. I can’t believe only a bit half of employed people are planning to go on vacation. I’m glad I don’t have full time employment! Agree with beaches, too.
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  6. Charu says:

    Not surprising that 8 in 10 visitors plan their trips online!

  7. Interesting statistics and very well thought infographics. I am proud of you!
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  8. Interesting data. Lots of people–80%–use the internet to make their plans. That’s where our travel blogs can help. :)
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  9. This is all interesting but also a bit sad and disturbing especially those 4 out of 10 managers who expect you to work and 40% have canceled because of work. I guess the beaches and the tropics will always win out over cities.
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  10. Muza-chan says:

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  11. Leigh says:

    There are some interesting facts and figures here. I expected more people to take time off in the summer. I don’t think being plugged into your email on a vacation counts as a vacation. The only times I can truly relax is when I am fully disconnected.
    I don’t think vacations have to be expensive – but that’s because some of the best scenery is only a hike away – and that can often be done for a tank of gas.
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  12. This is such an insightful infographic. And I think it’s kind of sad when I think about the quality of life in America vs. in Europe when it comes to taking time completely off from work. I refuse to ever check emails or cancel vacation plans for work! But I guess some people have such demanding jobs that they have to stay connected. I also think it’s interesting that most people prefer beach vacations. Very interesting…
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  13. Very interesting infographic! It always amazes me that people are reluctant to use the vacation time that they are entitled to but I guess if 4/10 managers expect them to check email even while they are away that it’s not surprising that work takes precedence over everything else.
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  14. Definitely one of the most interesting infographics I’ve seen in a long time!
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  15. It’s very interesting to see how much more world travelers are beginning to choose Iran in the Middle East to travel to! Our high season has started and we can see a lot more tourists are coming to Iran this fall compared to the last year.

    Rahman Mehraby
    Destintaion Iran
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