‘Turn Off’ Work When on Holiday

No matter the time or place, we are all hooked to work when we have our smart-phones and blackberry’s close by and turning it off when on holiday is hard. The temptation to just check one email or make a quick call to see whats going on at the office. This can be all done with advancements of technology today, you can do your work anywhere at anytime even when you are on holiday. But the workforce should really not think about work when they go on  holiday. If you are going on a holiday, it’s to get away from the stress of the work and take a break from it, so really ‘ turn off’ your work and go on holiday.

Holiday Without Work

Turn Off Work When On Holiday

Turn Off Work When On Holiday | (c) Photo By Summify

According to Peter McMonagle, general manager of NIjobs.com, many employees are unable to relax and take their minds off their job when they take a break. I wonder if this is because they think a week away from the office and going back will have implications when they go back with piles of work at their desk.

A well-rested workforce is both more productive and more creative, so it is important that people switch off from work completely when they are on holiday

– Mr. McMonagle said.

You will be surprised to know one in four people find it difficult to forget about work during their time off while on holiday. Wow, are we that attached to our work? I think most would skip their entitled holidays and work… and according to recent  study by Reuters and Ipsos, which found that only 77%  of Britishers use all of the paid holidays they are entitled to.

I am sure, if you put a auto reply on your email saying ‘ On Holiday til __ ‘ people will leave you a message and it can wait till you returned to the office. Holidays are set to relax and get away, so I think we should use it for that main purpose.  Take a break and go on holiday. Leave work at the office and enjoy your holiday as it’s well deserved and it will be much more of a pleasant holiday with no work.

So what are you waiting for go on holiday and leave your work behind!

3 Responses to “‘Turn Off’ Work When on Holiday”

  1. Hotels Sydney says:

    I agree with you. Go away from your business phones or emails when on holidays. Your kids would love to see their parents spend time with them without worrying about work.

    • Shamis says:

      Definitely that is the way it should be and more travelers would probably enjoy their Holiday if they left business at the office.

  2. exactly! it's the time when your brain really needs to relax. leave everything in the office :)