Underwater Hotel In Dubai

Dubai is famous for many architectural buildings, and now they’re ready to make another mark by building an underwater hotel in Dubai. Some of the already existing attractions include the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa, world’s first ever 7-star hotel – Burj Al Arab and man-made islands in the coastline of Dubai. I’m sure this upcoming hotel in Dubai will add to this long list of major attractions in Dubai. This underwater hotel in Dubai is part submerged with underwater rooms and half above the water with a swimming pool and a helipad. Absolute luxury is what you can expect in this underwater hotel as with any top architectural constructions in Dubai.

Upcoming Underwater Hotel In Dubai

This latest underwater Dubai hotel will look futuristic with its spaceship-like building consisting of multiple disc-shaped volumes above the water and a single disc-shape volume under the ocean. So you can enjoy both worlds at the same hotel. The submerged disc will reside ten meters under the ocean, right next to a coral reef while the top volumes will float five to seven meters above the sea water level.

Underwater Volume Features

Underwater Room

Underwater Room | (c) Deep Ocean Technology

Underwater volume will consist of 21 private rooms with large glass panes looking the vibrant sea life. A special lighting system will be integrated in each room to illuminate the water outside the room. This will allow guests of underwater hotel in Dubai to enjoy the beautiful sea life even after the sun go down. Other side of the underwater rooms will open to the dive center and bar.

Surface Volume Features

Surface of Dubai Underwater Hotel

Dubai Underwater Hotel Surface | (c) Deep Ocean Technology

Surface volume of Dubai underwater hotel consists of a restaurant, spa, a special recreation area and a multifunctional lobby that is built inside a gigantic swimming pool. There is also a rooftop garden and a helicopter pad, that opens to the swimming pool.

Safety Features of The Hotel

Underwater Hotel Dubai Safety

Underwater Hotel Dubai Safety | (c) Deep Ocean Technology

One of the biggest concerns guests will have is the safety features. Designers and Developer of Dubai underwater hotel, Deep Ocean Technology (DOT) and BIG InvestConsult respectively, has placed safety a high priority. This Dubai hotel is designed to withstand any severe weather conditions, including tsunamis. The best and most futuristic, yet most important safety feature is, the underwater disc will automatically surface in an event of danger. This reminds me the TV series Stargate Atlantis, where the submerged building surface when the livable conditions come to a critical level. That technology will no longer be a fiction but a reality.

Underwater Hotel In Dubai & Marine Life

Marine Life

Marine Life | (c) Deep Ocean Technology

Any construction raises the concern of its impact to our nature. Unlike any land construction, Dubai underwater hotel construction carries a higher weight due to the fact that it is constructed close to the coral reef. Not to mention how the lights during night can impact the sea creatures. The designers of underwater Dubai hotel – DOT highlights the fact that each disc is sized according to local conditions and has the ability to relocate if an environmental or economic conditions arise. That being said, I doubt the marine life will be the same after the construction of this underwater hotel in Dubai.

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  1. Crimea says:

    I would like and dislike to visit such place ;)
    a bit scare- underwater ;) but curiosity may win ;)) amazing pictures…
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  2. Cris Reyes says:

    This one’s nice. We have a sort of something like this in the Philippines, located in Manila Ocean Park. You can check my entry about it here and hopefully you could visit Hotel H2O, too:


    Nice blog by the way. :)

  3. Eric Auxier says:

    Looks awesome, Shamis!

    I’ve heard about this but hadn’t seen pics. Thanks for sharing!

    Check out my airline/travel adventure blog. I think you’ll like!

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  4. zolar says:

    wow.. the scene is very beautiful.. Maybe one day i go there