Visit Bonifacio And Its Beautiful Cliffs

The old town of Bonifacio with its privileged position on a cliff is one of the most famous pictures of the island of Corsica. Due to its cliffy nature I felt the need to bring along some from my huge selection of backpacks. They proved handy! By far I found that the old town brings more beauty and history to all the people of Corsica. Bonifacio and Alghero are probably the only two towns in Corsica and Sardinia whose historic centers have been restored for the enjoyment of tourists and their cameras.

Bonifacio and its cliffs

Bonifacio and its cliffs

We got to Bonifacio from Porto Vecchio after spending a few days relaxing on the beaches and making a trek through the mountainous area of Zonza. Just about 30 kilometers distance from one place to another. Bonifacio is located south of the island of Corsica and its cliffs offer breathtaking views especially at sunset. The story of Bonifacio is long lived and felt in its stones. They spoke of it in Homer’s Odyssey and pre Neolithic remains exist on Bonifacio to testify human existence in place before 6,000 BC.

The walls and the citadel blend so well in with the rock they were built on during the thirteenth century under the reign of the Republic of Genoa expeditions to defend the Catalan Aragonese crown, the French and the Ottomans.

Bonifacio Attractions: Sunset Cliff

The old town of Bonifacio Sunset

If you find yourself staying on top of it, it should be very easy to visit the most emblematic buildings of the city. If however, you are in the dock area as you will have us up a street full of steps. When you are finished, have a break and you can choose to visit the nature and cliffs or go to the Old Town. Seize the stop because this area will have the best views of the cliffs of Bonifacio. Mediterranean opens at your feet and you can have pictures of photogenic buildings on the edge of the precipice of Bonifacio and the sea. A must drop by at sunset.

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6 Responses to “Visit Bonifacio And Its Beautiful Cliffs”

  1. Marcia says:

    Even though I’d be scared out of my mind, I wouldn’t mind being at the edge of the rocks. That sunset photo is just beautiful.

  2. Nancie says:

    Both shots are beautiful. I think the sunset is my favorite.
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  3. Leigh says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Corsica and hike the Grand Randonnee Trail – one day – especially when I see your pictures.
    Leigh recently posted..Hiking the Bluff Trail in Awenda Provincial Park, OntarioMy Profile