Wearable Hands-Free Camcorder For Your Next Trip

I love to record memories and moments on my camcorder whenever I travel. I bet other travelers love the same other than capturing travel photos. But sometimes carrying a camcorder is difficult. Especially when your hands get tired carrying the camcorder or when you are sipping a drink by the pool. Well now you don’t have to worry about all that because Looxcie has come up with a great product. It is a hands-free digital camcorder to shoot videos and images.

Looxcie Wearable Hands-Free Camcorder

Looxcie Wearable Hands-Free Camcorder

Looxcie Wearable Hands-Free Camcorder | (c) Photo By Looxcie

You can wear the Looxcie Bluetooth hands-free camcorder over your ear, just like a hands-free Bluetooth headset, and capture all your special moments without using your hands. What’s more, you can not only record video clips but share them instantly as well.

How Does Looxcie Bluetooth Hands-Free Camcorder Work?

  • Wear the Looxcie Bluetooth camcorder over your ear and adjust to your comfort
  • Position the camcorder and ensure it is on eye and horizontal level (you can do this with the aid of Looxice app on your smart phone)
  • Set-up the upload information so your videos will be uploaded
  • Slip your smart phone into your pocket, grab a drink and enjoy your trip

The Looxcie Bluetooth camcorder can store up to four hours of video. The stored videos can be shared through Bluetooth using the Looxcie’s mobile app.

Looxcie Bluetooth Camcorder Features

  • Memory for 5 hours of recorded footage
  • Supports MP3
  • Instant video clip sharing – Press Instant Clip and Looxcie shares the video clip on Facebook or sends it to preselected email recipients
  • Can record HVGA 480×320 videos at 15 fps
  • Records even when you answer calls
  • Transfer the videos to your PC or MAC via USB cord
  • iPhone and Android compatible


This creative Bluetooth device is available for just US$199 and is currently available on Amazon.

Grab one of these amazing and useful hands-free camcorders and enjoy all the action during your travels without missing out the fun!

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