What To Expect In Foreign Toilets

If you are like me, you are a bit ‘iffy‘ when it comes to traveling and toilets. This is not much of a worry, if you travel domestically in the USA or Canada. However, if you are traveling internationally, you might run into some surprises when nature calls. It is a given that you won’t always get a ‘throne‘ when you are on the road. As such it’s best you know what to expect when it comes to traveling in foreign lands and their toilets, because not all loos have great views like some.

Foreign Toilets: What To Expect

Sign For Toilets

Sign For Toilets | (c) Photo By Guardian

Finding a public toilet can be harder when you are abroad. If you wander along the streets, look for train stations, department stores, museums or fast food restaurants like McDonald’s because you are guaranteed to find a toilet. Another place is star class hotels. Best thing about them is, you can just walk in like a guest and be at ease knowing they have clean restrooms with toilet paper! However, if you have no other option but to use a bathroom in a restaurant, and if you are not a paid customer, ask politely to use the loo. Most of the time they will let you use it.

If you visit some Asian countries or busy European cities, you can find coin operated toilet booths. To use them, you will either find a coin operated door toilets or attendants sitting by the door. So make sure to carry small change when you travel abroad. Payment may or may not be a must but it’s polite to leave a small tip, and I am talking something like 25 cents US. So plan ahead, don’t leave your small change in the hotel, it might come handy.

Porcelin Toilet

Porcelain Toilet on the ground | (c) Photo By Tawney the Balloon Babe

Be aware that sometimes female attendants clean men’s rooms and male attendants clean ladies’ rooms. So don’t be shocked if you see a male or female cleaner when you walk in to the lavatory. You may also be surprised to come across ‘Eastern Style’ porcelain holes in the ground toilets. In case you do find such a loo, now you have an idea as to how to do the performance.

I know if you got to go, you got to go but just know that you are not always going to get a throne when you are traveling abroad. You might run into some strange foreign lavatories that are different to what you are used to. But hey, you will come home with a story or two of some of the strangest restrooms you ran into. Remember, it always pays to have some tissues or toilet paper with you when you are on the go. That way you won’t be in a situation even if the toilet paper dispenser is empty.

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