2010 – The Year of The Mobile Traveler

In my opinion 2010 can be declared as the Year of the Mobile Traveler. I think many of you will agree with me. However this new year could bring even more mobile travel technologies. So we can expect many more mobile travel apps, and everything will be available at a touch of our finger. 2010 introduced new and fun travel technologies to travelers such as in-flight WiFi, paperless boarding passes, mobile travel apps, multi-tasking smart phones and much more that I lost count but I have embraced most of these mobile travel technologies out there.

Year of The Mobile Traveler

Mobile Travel Technologies for Mobile Traveler

Mobile Travel Technologies for Mobile Traveler | (c) Photo By whatboundariestravel


AdAge has given us proof why the year 2010 was so technology savvy. More than 60% of surveyed business travelers had made their reservations or bookings for flights and hotels via mobile devices. And according to Google research 40% of individual travelers used mobile devices.


AVIS has done awesome this year with their iPhone application. The car rental service has had its growth sky rocketed with its mobile web reservations.


Priceline is people’s favorite and very popular in scoring cheap hotel rooms and flights on the go. Their mobile travel app brings in huge money due to the fact that most travelers book a hotel immediately or when they are already at their destination.


CheckMyTrip, the ideas just get smarter and smarter. Do you like to keep your flight details organized in one place and up-to-date? This web application will help you manage your flight itineraries, which are updated in real-time so you will have access to the most recent flight information.

As you can see, 2010 has swept the travelers on their feet with all the mobile travel technologies. I’m glad that technology has finally caught up with the fast paced life that we all are moving into. It has made life so much easier by giving us what we need to get the stuff done faster at the comfort of our place of choice. Like many of you, I am looking forward to what future has to offer.

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