24 London: The Best High-Tech Club In The World

If you think your local bar is the coolest in town, think again. We know our local bar is cool and we also know there are lot more cooler clubs out there. This glamorous club promises to be the most technologically advanced bar and nightclub in the world. We are not talking about a few LCD TV screens and a great sound system. Not even about some extra power sockets to charge your cell phones. It has lot more than that, making it one of the most sophisticated bars to exist in the world. Without further ado, allow me to introduce 24 London.

High-Tech Club 24 London

24 London Club| Photo By London Parties

24 London Club | Photo By London Parties

24 London is the first bar in the world with a fully tech- interactive bar, where they have projected images of models walking up and down a catwalk (you can use your own images too if you like) or enjoy a drink among California desert scenery. Well if that was not enough, you can control projected images on every wall, choosing from dot matrix sci-fi, crashing sea surroundings and Arizona desert. This is all part of the ‘ fully interactive interior experience’  for the customers.

You can create funky backdrops with a state of the art lighting system, which has over a million different color combinations. A fully interactive ‘iBar’ (one of the world’s first) has a touch sensitive surface, which allow guests to alert bar staff when more drinks are needed. Now that is very cool! Want to know how it works? When you put a glass down; the bar reacts to it and sends out light beams across to the base of your drink. If you touch the bar with your hand, light shoots out towards you and alerts the barman that you require another drink. No more walking through from one end to the other to get a drink. Now that is what I call service – beam me a  Rum and Coke please!

If you’re planning to be in London and in the area, go have a visit to London’s most exciting bar and see if it is  ‘compatible’ to you :)

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