Top 10 Night Clubs of Madrid

Nightlife in Spain is something to experience, especially in Madrid! Madrid nightlife is so popular that Madrilenos are known for their late nights, exotic drinks and partying at the best nightclubs. When the sun sets, there are abundance of places one can go to and dance, laugh, talk and flirt the night away in Madrid. There is something for everyone from chill-out bars to the most enticing clubs and Goth bars, from the questionable clubs to the wildest after-hour clubs and dance halls. So if you are in the mood for some Madrid nightlife, be sure to rest well because the night club scene doesn’t get going until around midnight and doesn’t stop until 6 or 7 in the morning. In fact, most locals don’t go out until about 10:00pm. So when in Madrid, blend in with the locals and have fun while you’re at it.

Best Madrid Night Clubs

Reina Bruja Nightclub, Madrid

Reina Bruja Nightclub, Madrid | (c) Photo By Cardilas

Moma Madrid

Bouncers keep the red carpet moving at Moma, Madrid’s premier club that caters to young professionals who like to have fun and look stunning in the process. People make an effort to dress elegantly for the night at this ‘smart’ night club. Needless to say the posh crowd of Madrid is attracted to Moma as it provides a comfy perch for mingling with the stylish and upscale clientele over cocktails. Inside the club, nothing has been overlooked, from plush while chairs, which surrounds the dance floor to polished metal stools around the bar. The gleaming marble floor and carefully appointed decor only makes the place even more elegant. So get ready to unwind, cool your heels, and warm them up again with a night of dancing.

Balcón de Rosales

Located at a premier location in Madrid, Balcón de Rosales has an up-to-date outlook with three zones within the club. The large dance floor is enhanced by views overlooking the Casa de Campo, the greatest park in Madrid. Their chill out zones and the restaurant is ideal to start off the night. The music, less specialized than in other clubs, is a mix of latest national and international hits. Balcón de Rosales is a rather exclusive hotspot that caters to an up-market in Madrid and its locale is known as the haunt of the posh crowd. The staff is dressed in celebratory gear to match the lively environment.

Macumba Madrid

Macumba is one of the biggest night clubs in Madrid, and offers the best lighting and sound system in the capital. It features all the latest night club lighting technology and is one of the most popular night spots among the locals and international tourists alike. The DJs range from Madrid’s locals to international DJs who will keep guests entertained with great music. If dancing is your thing, start partying at midnight until 6 in the morning.

Kapital Madrid

Kapital Madrid is one of the most famous nightclubs in the city. It has six floors and three separate dance floors with different music. Kapital is known for its very modern clientele, who go as much for the atmosphere as for the music that is played. The club puts on several themed nights according to the time of the year. Set in an old theater in Madrid, Kapital has a main dance-floor, an R&B room, a cinema and even a merchandise shop. The club offers a host of different musical styles to satisfy every guest. The top floor really comes to life when the retractable roof reveals the beautiful night sky.


Maxine has a stylish look and character. The club is dedicated to sound, and plays a variety of house and techno music. This is a favorite music club for the locals. It also presents special live performances periodically on Sundays. At these, guests can expect some fairly innovative sounds, often produced by percussion artists. This is a nice club if you love music of an eclectic nature. The service and other amenities are excellent as well. Lamps, old-fashioned pillars and urns are just some of the design features of Maxime that attracts the Madrid crowd. Best nights to visit are Thursdays and Sundays for the best house and techno music.


Gababa Drinks Counter

Gabana Drinks Counter | (c) Photo By Gabana

Gabana is aimed at an audience from 30 years and onwards. It is a trendy club and is often frequented by the famous and fashionable people of Madrid. It’s best described as an alternative club with the latest music, but it’s not played at an ear-piercing volume. You are bound to see professional football players or models and of course beautiful people while inside Gabana. Very expensive but worth every penny. This is the place to enjoy a drink, dance to the beat of the best national and international DJs, watch concerts or fashion shows, and even hold corporate events. It’s pretty dark inside so girls, if you want to get noticed, wear something bright and glittery. You might even find yourself in Madrid society pages.

Palacio de Gaviria

Located in a XIX century manor house, Palacio de Gaviria is beautifully decorated in the inside. The 13 interconnected rooms combine art, history and culture with different music played by three DJs. The club has been used for many photo shoots and advertising campaigns. If you are looking for a place to be where everything old and luxurious is revamped to satisfy the demands of 21st century party people – you found it. The club also has over 18 halls and rooms, where guests can dance, socialize, see an exhibition or take part in different events.

Arena Madrid

Arena is a place where number of large scare events are held. Everything from movie premieres to concerts by well known bands. You can catch almost everything here. Every last Tuesday of the month, they host a big event with renowned DJs so make sure you mark that in your calendars. The tables near the main entrance offer you a rather peaceful and quite ambiance where you can sit back and enjoy the drinks and lovely music.


This will probably be the most alternative Madrid night club you will find. Siroco combines sessions with the best national DJs with concerts of new alternative groups from around the world. The club also has numerous dance nights throughout the week. Prices vary for each gig so check the club programs beforehand. If you are in the younger age group (20’s), the best nights are Fridays and Saturdays to head out and attend events.


This nightclub is the epitome of its name. Its interior design makes you feel like you are back in the 70s. There’s loud colors, prints and gorgeous mirrors. Cool is open between Thursday and Sunday, and plays house music. They have some nights that are aimed at a gay audience. They’re right in the city center, and easy to get to.

Whether in bars or clubs, you can enjoy plenty of nightlife in Madrid. Just don’t forget your dancing shoes and to look gorgeous in these Madrid nightclubs!

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  1. Christina says:

    Those all sound like great places to go and I should check out some of them on my next Madrid trip. During my last visit I went to a nice bar at the top of a hotel, and it had a great swimming pool on its rooftop terrace. Name escapes me now, but it was amazing!
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  2. where is dubai says:

    I heard Madrid is beautiful city. I would love to visit to go one day. Which one is good night life Barcelona or Madrid?

    • Shamis says:

      If you have the time I suggest you visit both :) If you are in Barcelona, make sure you visit ‘Opium Mar.’ It is probably the best of all of Spain! My pick is Madrid, for the reason that Madrid has more bars than any city in the world :)