5 Destinations To See Colorful Flowers

Colorful flowers has always been an eye catcher for me no matter what country I travel to, and whether it is at a garden or down the street. Flowers to me bring out imagination, touch my heart and make me smile. This could be true for many others too. When you visit a country, you are bound to see many attractions, but have you considered places that has beautiful and colorful flowers? Well here are few places to see the loveliest and colorful flowers in the world.

Best Places To See Colorful Flowers

Cherry Blossoms – Japan

Colorful Flowers: Pink Cherry Blossoms In Japan

Pink Cherry Blossoms In Japan | (c) Photo By Gemma

Japan has been known for cherry blooms, which pretty much invade the landscapes in Japan. If you are visiting Tokyo, Nagasaki, Kyoto and Osaka, you are bound to see it everywhere you turn. The blooming flowers on the trees are like cotton candy and when you admire it, it brings calmness to you. If you visit Japan, be sure to have a picnic under these trees and enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms.

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Lavenders, Poppies and Sunflowers – France

Colorful Flowers: A Glorious Field of Lavender in Provence

A Glorious Field of Lavender in Provence | (c) Photo By wayfaring

There is a specific place in France that people from all over the world come to see the fields of lavenders, poppies, and sunflowers for miles and miles – Provence. It is located in south of France. The flowers in Provence is like a colorful canvas painting when you look at it. I would suggest you capture the smiling landscape of flowers with your camera, because it will be a beautiful memory to take back home.

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Tulips and Daffodils – The Netherlands

Colorful Flowers: Netherlands

Tulip Flowers in Netherlands | (c) Photo By 12345 Travel

If you are planning a trip to Netherlands, or are there right now, you must see the tulips and daffodils. Netherlands is famous for these two types of flowers. They are so famous that these two types of flowers are exported around the world. If you are going to be there between April and September, make sure to check out the flower parades and visit Keukenhoff, which is known to be the biggest garden of flowers that resembles the rainbow.

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Wild Flowers – New Zealand

Colorful Flowers: Mount Cook, New Zealand

Colorful Flowers: Mount Cook, New Zealand | (c) Photo By Hiren & Pankaj's

New Zealand has countless landscapes of flowers, if you enjoy the beauty of flowers all day. I can describe the flowers in New Zealand as being “candy colorful” fields. One of the best places to see this is in Lake Tekapo, which will give you a carpet full of flowers.

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Poppies, Daisies, Forget-Me-Nots and Red Clovers – Denmark

Colorful Flowers: Poppies in Denmark

Poppies in Denmark | (c) Photo By Sean Paul Kelley

Denmark is known for its forests, meadows and agriculture, but most of all, it is knows for its wild vibrant flowers. Most of the flowers are in the backdrop of its countryside and castles. Spring time is the best time to be in Denmark, as the blooming season starts with the poppies, daisies, forget-me-nots, and red clovers. You can also see wild orchids, if you are in the town of Gentofte. So no matter where in Denmark you are, you are guaranteed to see a flower or two!

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These are only a few countries that have beautiful and vibrant flowers. If you know of other countries that has colorful flowers, don’t forget to share on comments section below.

8 Responses to “5 Destinations To See Colorful Flowers”

  1. Albert@florist in kl (60%) says:

    I have seen a lot of pictures of Cherry blossoms & I must say they are absolutely beautiful. But this time I am going to see them in real during my visit to Japan. I simply love this flower :)

  2. Shamis says:

    You’re welcome! Glad you found it useful. Cherry blossoms sure are beautiful. Be sure to write back after visiting Japan and seeing Cherry blossoms :)
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  3. Alex@luxury kuala lumpur hotel says:

    It is indeed a great source of information for everyone who love flowers. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. Japan’s cherry blooms look simply fantastic :) I wish to visit this place very soon.

  4. Shamis says:

    New Zealand sure is known for its landscape. Glad you enjoyed this post :) Thanks for the comment Alex!
    Shamis recently posted..Travel Photo- Delicious Strawberry PizzaMy Profile

  5. Alex@florist kl says:

    I must say it is a wonderful post and simply enjoyed reading your post & viewing the wonder pictures. Among all I can say that New Zealand has countless landscapes of flowers and I really enjoyed the beauty of flowers all day when i had been there 2 years back.

  6. Shamis says:

    This is great information for everyone who love flowers. Thanks for sharing this!
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  7. Funchal in Madeira says:

    One of the biggest flower festivals is held in Funchal, the capital city of Madeira, two weeks after Easter every year.

    During the 5 days leading up to the Grand Parade on the Sunday, the streets of Funchal are decorated with flower displays of all types and sizes. The Sunday Parade itself is a 4 hour spectacular of floats, dancing groups and bands – all with a common theme, the flowers of Madeira.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I can highly recommend this event.

    The provisional dates for the next festival are 18th to 22nd April 2012.