5 Must See’s For A Sweet Tooth In Paris

Paris is known for its food, and if you have a sweet tooth there are hundreds of patisseries and chocolatiers you should consider visiting. But which ones should you go out of your way for? I have chosen 5 that stood out based on my tastebuds!

Must Visit Paris Bakeries For Sweets

Paris Bakery Macaroons

Paris Bakery Macaroons

1. Jean-Chalres Rocheaux Chocolatier

This small and elegant chocolate shop has very quickly made a name for itself throughout the world. Every square inch of the store is filled with delectable chocolates perfectly aligned, along with intricate displays of figurines (all made from chocolate of course). Jean-Chalres Rocheaux can often be spotted in the store, which makes the experience even more memorable. While there are literally hundreds of seasonal and staple chocolates to choose from, Monsieur Rocheaux is best known for his fresh bittersweet truffles. These freshly made square truffles literally melt in your mouth, and are worth the trip to Paris alone!

Location: 16 rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris

2. Pierre Herme Pastisserie

Pierre Herme Patisserie Boutiques have become very well known, with stores popping up all over the world. Monsieur Herme is best known for his delectable and creative macaroons. They are so popular in fact, that locals and tourists alike will line up down the street even in the middle of winter just to get their fix. The staff here are incredibly friendly, and are always happy to make recommendations for the ‘must-try’ macaroon of the day. There are also plenty of pastries and cakes on offer that look almost too good to pass up, but no matter what you decide to order, make sure you buy at least one macaroon!

Location: 72 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

3. Berthillon Ice Cream Shop

Berthillon Ice Cream is often considered to be the best ice-cream in Paris. It is sold in many stores throughout Paris, but their original store front is found on I’lle St Louis. The first store was opened in 1954, and all of their ice cream is made with fresh ingredients. Different flavors are on offer depending on the season, and they are always delicious!

Location: 31 Rue Saint-Louis en l’lle, 75004 Paris

4. Jacques Genin Chocolatier

Jacques Genin is one of Paris’s most celebrated chocolatiers, and for many years he only produced his amazing pastries and chocolates for Paris’s finest restaurants and hotels. Fortunately, Monsieur Genin opened a storefront in 2008. The store is magnificent, and feels like a high-end fashion store rather than a chocolate shop/patisserie. Since opening his store, people flock to try his chocolates, pastries and caramels. The caramels are probably the most popular purchase at his store-front, but everything here is to die for, so make sure you go hungry! The store also features a tea salon where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with your sweet purchases. Everything here is made fresh daily, even the caramels.

Location: 133, rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

5. Laduree Patisserie

Laduree is probably one of the best-known patisseries in Paris. They have a large variety of macaroons that are out of this world, and they have three locations in Paris. Their store on the Champs Elysees also has a tea salon where you can sit down and formerly enjoy their colorful array of pastries and cakes. At the beginning of the 1800’s Pierre Desfontaines of Laduree was the first to fill two macaroons with a layer of cream, and today the cream-filled macaroon is a craze in Paris, and has been for a long time!

Location: 75 Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris

In order to visit all of these sweet Parisian hot spots on a tour of Europe, I recommend dedicating an entire day to ‘sweet touring’ in Paris.

Candice O'ReillyAbout The Author

Candice O’Reilly has spent almost three years living out of a suitcase while traveling through Europe, and she now help budget travelers search for adventure tours around the world via her website TravAddict.com.

10 Responses to “5 Must See’s For A Sweet Tooth In Paris”

  1. What a gorgeous pic of those macaroons! They are truly delicious. We ate many when we were in Paris.

    And it is true indeed that many patisseries also make and sell delicious chocolates for twice your pleasure, especially for a chocolate-loving gal like me! :-)

    Will have to look up Jacques Genin. Hadn’t previously heard of him.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted..North Dakota chocolatier salutes the seasonsMy Profile

  2. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    How sweets! They look very sweet. I have a sweet tooth but I do not eat more often because I have a sensitive tooth.
    Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..Brisbane Bifold Doors Newmarket – Quality Brisbane Bifold Doors Supplying Newmarket AreaMy Profile

  3. Lauren says:

    Desserts in Paris are to die for! I can’t get enough of the hot chocolate that comes with an actual side of liquid chocolate that you mix in to your hot milk. Amazing. This is a great list, I’ll have to remember to try these if I get over there again!
    Lauren recently posted..How To: Travel When You’re Young, Married, and Probably PoorMy Profile

  4. memographer says:

    Yes, French bakery is amazing! While in Paris, I started every morning with bakery (and finished with French wine and cheese)
    Yummy pic :)

  5. Charu says:

    Love the recommendations! Laduree is a classic, and you can get those macarons in NYC. But I honestly do think the best in the city are Bosie Tea Parlor…

  6. Candice says:

    A visit to Paris is worth it for the food alone:-) The nice thing about patisseries and chocolate shops, is that you can stick to a low budget and still try some amazing food!
    Candice recently posted..Fall Fun in the USAMy Profile

  7. Shalu Sharma says:

    I definitely have a sweet tooth and just looking at those wonderful and colourful macaroons makes my mouth water. Its so tempting even looking at the images. I think just to try these sweets is good enough for me to visit Paris.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Red Fort of Delhi – Lal QilaMy Profile