Message To Airlines & Airports: Please Treat Passengers Better

I have a love and hate relationship with airports and airlines these days. I hear crazy stories in news about passengers sleeping on floors and having to wait in lines for hours to get a boarding pass. The lack of organization and lack of information only seem to grow by the day with airports and airlines. Weather sure is bad now with snow falls but if passengers are stranded at airports, they should do their best to at least provide some sleeping bags, food and drinks. We know how much it costs just to buy a bottle of water at airports. These are some of the things I noticed, that should be improved.

Humble Request To Airlines & Airports

Passengers sleeping on floor at a airport

Passengers sleeping on floor at a airport | (c) Photo By Ion Blarg

Sleeping on airport floor is not humane

Flights getting cancelled due to bad weather is understandable because passenger safety comes first. The issue is having to see passengers of all ages (babies to grandparents) sleeping on airport floors because they can’t afford the ludicrous airport hotel charges to check themselves into a hotel. I heard the airport hotels close to Gatwick and Heathrow airports charge a lot.

Lack of information to passengers

Airlines make fortunes but when it comes to giving passengers the right information on time and being efficient, they are not so good. Airlines don’t make the situation any better when they tell passengers they will loose their money and that they will be able to rebook for another date. OK, what ever happened to good customer service?

Treat passengers like human beings

Some airline customer representatives at the counters sure can get a lesson or two in how to treat passengers better during these stressful times of holidays. Attitude sure does not help during the holiday season.

More equipment perhaps

Whenever it snows, we have to deal with it. Whether it is shoveling the snow or driving in windy and snowy conditions. But hey, we manage it somehow. Winter is not predictable so there is a suggestion. Airports and governments can spare some money to purchase equipment and be prepared for the winter.

What are your thoughts?

One Response to “Message To Airlines & Airports: Please Treat Passengers Better”

  1. Peter says:

    Sometimes the Heathrow hotels are the only possible solution for the tired traveler who just flew in across the ocean and is craving for something more than a cold floor that he shares with hundreds other.