Bottled Water Vs. Drinking Water Fountains At Airports

We all love water especially when we travel. And it is nice to have a refreshing cold bottle of water after walking under the hot sun. When it comes to water bottles at airports, aren’t you fed up of the ridiculous prices? With all the security regulations that are in place at airports, you can only take containers with a maximum of 100ml. I for one drink a bit more than 100ml of water. Besides, don’t they tell us to drink lots of water before and during flight? Well with $5 a bottle, a family of four have to spend $20 just for bottled water!

Drinking Water Options At Airports

Water on sale at Dublin Airport

Water on sale at Dublin Airport | (c) Photo By elefevre

It looks like airports around the world realize this and as a solution have drinking water fountains. However not all airports (eg. Europe) has it. I must give credit to US airports, which provide drinking water fountains! I have had fountain water like many other travelers and it is just fine. This will sure come in handy when all you need is just a few sips of water or when you don’t have exact change with you or when you are running to catch your flight.

If you know of airports that provide water facilities so that we do not have to spend ridiculous prices on water bottles that we have to end up throwing anyhow, do share in the comment section below.

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