Are We There Yet? – That Question You Here From The Back Seat

If you travel with kids, you know exactly what I am talking about when you read the title of this post. If not, picture this. Your long awaited trip is finally happening. You have everything packed and you are on your way. About half an hour into the journey you hear this little voice “Are we there yet?” This question for parents could be somewhat stressful when the trip has about five more hours to go because it will not be asked once, but repeat several times if you do not have yourself prepared.

How To Keep Children Entertained During Travels

Traveling With Kids

Traveling With Kids | (c) Photo By mexicovacationtravels

So what can parents do so the kids are not asking this question throughout the journey? Luckily, there are several things that can keep your kids engaged long enough on such trips to make the journey pleasant for both parents and kids. Here are a few things that will keep the kids entertained so they have no time to even think of asking the question and you might even find them fast asleep by the time you reach your destination!

Word Games

I Spy With My Little Eye is a game that get kids thinking, and it is great if you have really young ones. They will be occupied with looking at things outside and learn new things as well. This game is practical on road trips, but if you are on an airplane, I suggest drawing or puzzle books.


Everyone’s tummy makes a bit of noise when we are on road trips. So it is best to pack some healthy snacks. When tummy is full, there is less cranky kids in the car! Snacks such as chopped vegetables and dip, fruits are healthy and will give an energy boost as well. For those who are traveling by air, most airlines have regular snacks on board and even special meals for kids to keep them amused.


When you are on road trips a few breaks along the way is beneficial, not for the kids only but for the whole family. It might take more time to get to your destination but  the breaks will give everyone time to stretch and not think about being stuck in a car for long periods. A good break should be about 15 – 30 minutes. For air travel, you are pretty much limited so what you can do is get out of your seat and walk down the aisle.

Enjoying The View

Encourage kids to look around and see new things during your trip. Passing through a farm is a great way to get the kids excited about animals. Mountains and lakes are other views that your kids will enjoy. On an airplane, it is more fascinating – watching how high you are above the ground and seeing the clouds passing by. I think even adults enjoy the view in the air.


Depending on the amount of time involved to arrive at your destination, kids at some pint will feel drowsy. So if parents are lucky, for at least part of the trip the kids might drift off to sleep. This helps parents to relax and enjoy.

With these simple ideas and others you can come up with, a long journey can be much more pleasant. If you can cover as much distance without hearing the question “Are We There Yet?” you are good to go. Even if you hear it you can tell the kids “Not Long Now”. Good Luck and enjoy!

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